tezya gig at SkeCon in Skellefteå, Sweden

I believe everything went very well this weekend. As I hope you know by know 🙂 Nyanko Scandal Factory and SkeKai did bring the Japanese glam rock singer tezya to the “Japan convention” SkeCon in Skellefteå.

At Arlanda airport, tezya made an interview with JaME Sweden which you can read here: Intervju med tezya (it’s in Swedish. You can read my English translation here: Interview with tezya)

Finally in Skellefteå, we were all very well taken care of by the SkeCon staff. Thank you!

Me and Jess outside the arena

Me and Jess outside the arena

Saturday July 6th, it was time for tezya’s performance at SkeCon. I must say that is was an AMAZING concert! Such a special LIVE moment.

tezya gave it all on stage and played a lot of favorite songs from his album “LIFE MY BABYLON“. The SkeCon audience was so lovely, jumped danced and sheered. There was a really good interaction between tezya on stage and the audience on the floor.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

tezya moves around a lot of stage, makes wide gestures, jumps, dances and swings the microphone stand like the rock’n’roll star he is. He looked really cool in his costume that he has designed himself (he’s not only a singer, he also models and design clothes). I wish I could buy his clothes somewhere. ^^

Mostly Nyanko Scandal Factory brings visual kei artists to Europe, but tezya is not visual kei: his music is called “Future glamour rock’n’roll” and that’s what it was. Pure amazing! I love it.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

tezya’s music is heavy, maybe you can say it has a touch of industrial sound (futuristic sound), and his voice is really dark, deep and mature which gives his music that really unique sound.  Listening to it live while watching the very charismatic tezya on stage, truly was an experience I will cherish. He also performed some of his slower songs that I really love, like Cosmo of love! That was an emotional moment for the audience.

tezya at SkeCon

tezya at SkeCon

Some pictures are already uploaded in the gallery at Nyanko Scandal Factory’s webpage, but stay tuned, ’cause more photos and videos will come!

You find the pictures here: Gallery: tezya at SkeCon July 6th 2013

tezya in Sweden

tezya in Sweden

I think tezya enjoyed his stay in Sweden and we hope to see him here soon again!

Please visit tezyas Official homepage: tezya official web site

tezya on Facebook
tezya on MySpace

me and tezya

me and tezya

Album and photo signed by tezya

Album and photo signed by tezya

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Musical career start: 1992

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tezya at KGB, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 10th 2014

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