Lectures about Visual Kei and Jrock!

Do you want to spread the knowledge about visual kei and jrock where you live?

This message from Nyanko Scandal Factory is originally in Swedish, but I translate it into English in case there are international interest:

During autumn and winter year 2013, Nyanko Scandal Factory offers to go to places and speak about Visual Kei and J-rock.

The lectures is about 45-60 minutes long and the content may vary depending on if the audience wants a beginners guide or a more hardcore insight to the subject Visual Kei and Jrock. How many lectures during one stay at an event is up for discussion. Guests for the lectures might be added, but will be discussed with good forward planning.

Except appropriate equipment and room for the lecture, compensation will regard:

  • Traveling
  • Entry cost + somewhere to sleep
  • Permission to advertise Nyanko Scandal Factory
  • A symbolic payment (decided by the arranger) for supporting Nyanko Scandal Factory’s work and preparations needed for the lectures.

If you are interested, please contact

Homepage: www.nyankosf.com

Hope to see you!
/Nyanko Scandal Factory

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