Interview with tezya by JaME

When tezya was in Sweden he got interviewed by JaME Sweden and you can read the interview here: Intervju med tezya

It’s in Swedish but an English translation by me follows here:

JaME Sweden:

Even though tezya had been traveling far, he took some time to answer some of JaME’s questions before his concert in Skellefteå.



With a long music career that started already in the beginning of the 90s, tezya released his first solo album LIFE MY BABYLON 2010, in which SUGIZO from LUNA SEA among else participates as guest artists. With three concerts in Europe, tezya visits Sweden first to perform at SkeCon.

Is it your first time in Sweden? In that case, what is your expectations of tomorrow’s concert?

tezya: Yes, it’s my first time here. I don’t know that much about Sweden and I know I’m not so popular here, but I still look forward to tomorrow’s concert. It’s fun to be here and I want to get to know my fans here in Sweden.

When did your interest for music start? Who inspired you? Any Japanese musician?

tezya: I got interested in music when I was 13-14 years old and listened to Michael Jackson. I bought a music magazine with him on the cover. But my main inspiration comes from David Bowie. I visited his exhibition in London recently. I don’t have any Japanese favorite band but of course I listen to Japanese music.

I’ve read that you began playing the piano in young age, is that something you still do?

tezya: Yes, sometimes I compose music at the piano, but mostly I use the computer.

When did you start composing and performing with you own music? What’s your plans for the future?

tezya: I started to play in Pinocchio with SUGIZO from LUNA SEA during upper secondary school. But I kept making music by my own. I never thought about the future or about money.

What is your main inspiration when you make music?

tezya: I don’t have any particular inspiration. The songs comes to me like ideas. There’s not special feeling behind them. But if a song is sad, I want to express light.

You have also worked as a model, how did you start doing that?

tezya: Actually, I’ve only done that a few couple of times. That’s not important to me, I am a musician (laughing).

Have your career as a model influenced your style of clothing?

tezya: My costume on stage is always by my own design. In everyday life I wear simple clothes, but on stage I like to dress up.

You have been active since the 90s, how do you think your music has changed during the years?

tezya: In the beginning my music was mainly inspired by music I listened to myself, but now it’s my own. I’m not very interested in genres, I just want to make good music.

Do you miss playing in a band or do you prefer to work as a solo artist?

tezya: Hm… that’s a hard question. It has its pro’s and con’s. When playing in a band you exchange ideas with band members, but I can’t make music that is totally my own. As a solo artist I can make all decisions myself.

Do you think it’s different to have a concert in Japan and overseas?

tezya: My first concert oversea was in Moscow where the audience is more forward and wild. In Japan, fans are calm and shy. When I was in Moscow, I felt like a real rock star.

How do you prepare yourself before entering the stage?

tezya: I put on my makeup slowly and concentrate.

You have been to Russia before, has it become a favorite destination?

tezya: Yes, I like Russia.

Is there any specific song that you would like the audience to give extra attention to during the concert tomorrow?

tezya: I can’t choose a particular song, ’cause all songs are parts of the overall experience. I want the audience to become one with my songs.

Last Sunday you added a new demo on soundcloud. Do you plan to release a new album?

tezya: If it’s possible, I would like to release an album or a mini album this year. Right now I’m working on a new mix to LIFE MY BABYLON that will be released on iTunes, so the songs will differ from the ones on the physical album.

JaME wants to thank tezya and Nyanko Scandal Factory for making this interview possible.

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tezya at KGB, Stockholm Sweden, Nov 10th 2014

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