Cool inventions from Japan!

Here’s some cool inventions from Japan – literally speaking!

Like this Thanko USB Shoes cooler “Mure Mure Non Non”. Connect it to you computer and put the tube in your shoes; it will blow cool air to you feet and clear the sensation of heat and sweat. *hmm….*

Thanko USB Shoes cooler

Thanko USB Shoes cooler

I’m sure this is a very much appreciated invention in Japan where most salary men must wear leather dress shows irrespective of season – and remember – Japanese summers are brutal when it comes to heat and humidity!

According to pictures, it can also be used to dry and cool your armpits. ^^

Thanko USB Shoes cooler

Thanko USB Shoes cooler

Thanko has also recently presented their “USB Necktie Cooler 3″ which is from heaven sent for Japanese men during the Japanese extremely hot summer weather. The Necktie cooler looks like a regular tie, but if you put down the knot you will expose a little fan. Connect your tie to the computer, and the fan will start running, cooling down your neck area.

USB Necktie Cooler 3

USB Necktie Cooler 3

And if you don’t can sit down next to a computer all the time, you can run it with regular batteries.

Inventive hah? Now, would you wear any of these equipment? ^_-

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