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The dream became reality

Almost everybody knows who Yohio is in Tokyo, Japan. In Sweden, the Song Contest led to his big breakthrough. Lyckoslanten met the 17-year old boy from Sundsvall who lives his dream as an artist.

Already as a 15-year old, Yohio played with his band Seremedy at a Japanese music festival. He has also been into a Japanese TV-shows with more than 10 million viewers. This spring, Yohio will release his second album as a solo musician. Now he wants to become as big in Sweden as he is in Japan. To be a part of the song contest was one step in right direction. And Yohio is actually his real name.

When did you start playing instruments and writing songs?
– When I was six years old I started to play the piano and compose melodies. When I was eleven, I learned to play the guitar and when I was twelve I started to write songs more seriously. I wrote songs during nighttime.

You sing in Japanese on your first solo album. Why?
– Ever since I started to listen to Japanese music, I’ve wanted to sing in Japanese myself. But I wasn’t good enough until approximately one year ago. Then my Japanese record company asked me if I wanted to do a solo career in Japan. I had to write six Japanese songs very fast. That was tough. But today I think it’s easier to write songs in Japanese.

Is it hard to learn Japanese?
– It’s hard since it’s so different from Swedish. The sentences are composed very differently. But as soon as you’ve learned it, it’s really easy. The best way to learn is to actually be in Japan. I’ve learned a lot by simply listening to Japanese.



You want everybody in Sweden to know who you are. Why?
– When I do something, I do it all the way. If I will become big in Sweden, then I want to be the best. Everybody must not like what I do as long as they know who I am.

Why don’t you go to school?
– I was a really good student until fifth grade. I was so good that it became boring. I managed to graduate from junior high school but never started upper secondary school. I would not have time to go to school anyway. Being an artist takes all my time. If I’m interested in something, I study it at home by myself. For instance I’m very interested in Asian languages. Now when I’m pretty good in Japanese, I’ve started to study Korean. I also know some Fillipino.

Do you want to move to Japan?
– I wanted to get away from Sundsvall before. But the last couple of months I actually liked living there. I can sit at home in my apartment without being disturbed. If I lived in Tokyo, there would be a lot going on all the time.

Is it important to have your unique style as an artist?
– I think it’s boring with artists that perform on stage with simply a t-shirt. That’s why I got hooked on visual kei. Visual kei is my Japanese style. Visual kei is not all about playing music, you must give your fans some theatre and show. My clothes and my style is a part of that show.

Does your private self and your role as a musician any different?
– It differs a lot. I’m actually very shy. But as soon as I get on some makeup or some sunglasses, I automatically become cocky and more forward. Even if it doesn’t show, I’m a real nerd. I’m not ashamed of that and I love to be a nerd. As an artist I dare to do a little bit more stuff than my private self.

You are brave who dares to do what you want. Where does that courage come from?
– I don’t think I’m that brave. You just have to make a decision of what you want to do, and then do it. That doesn’t take courage. I have succeeded since I’m dedicated and believe in myself.

What do you want to be when you grow up?
– There’s so many thing I haven’t tried yet. I would like to become really famous.

Age: 17 years old, birthday July 18th.
Family: Mother, father and two younger sisters.
Lives: Sundsvall.
Job: artist.
Idol: Gackt (Japanese artistt). ”A lot of celebrities are nasty, but not Gackt. He is extremely kind.
Favorite color : pink
Lucky nuymber: seven
Favorite animal: birds. There’s something special about me and birds. A sparrow visits me in the music studio every day.
Favorite subject: music

 Yohio’s best tip for getting your own style
– When I was 9 I didn’t care that much about my style. But in sixth grade, everybody started to care about their appearance. That’s when I started to wear makeup. It’s important to remember that you don’t have to look like everybody else. Try something that looks exciting. Then you probably find a style that suits you well. My best tip is to not care about what other people think.

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  1. Thanks Iona, you have restored my faith in humanity 🙂 I owe you a poem for this heroic act just when I am sooo down 🙂 Kai.

  2. OK thanks, lovely interview. Maybe check the birthday. I’ve always had it down as 12th July. Coming-up soon will be his eighteenth!

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