A guitarplayer with 78 fingers: robot musicians enters the stage!

Could you be fan to a robot band? And could robot fan-service be hot…? XD

How much would you pay to see a band of robots perform?

Well, I guess it’s not that surprising that there actually exists robot bands in Japan. Technology is there cup of tea, so to speak, as well as crazy inventions. ^^

Last Monday night, the robot band called Z-Machines had their very first live event in Tokyo. I wonder if they were any nervous…? XD



You may wonder WHY on earth there would be a need for a band consisting of robots? Well, maybe not a need, but it makes us curious right?

What can MACH (マツハ), the guitarist of the band do that Yngwie Malmsteen can’t? Well, for a start: MACH has 78 FINGERS and 12 PICKS!!!

God damn… That’s a lot of fingers.

And the drummer ASHURA (アシユラ) has 12 DRUM STICKS!

The keyboard player COSMO (コスモ) has the ability to flash multi-layered beams from his eyes… well, I guess that’s his special talent. ^_-

Do human musicians have anything to fear from their robot competition?

Go visit Z-MACHINES Official Webpage!

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