She has Japans most beautiful profile!

The 20 years old Japanese female actress Ayame Gouriki has recently won an award for having the most beautiful facial profile due to the perfect alignment of the teeth and the nice shape from the bridge of her nose to her shin.

Ayame Goriki

Ayame Goriki

Gouriki will among else have a role in an upcoming live action movie that is based on the popular manga “Kuroshitsuji” (Black Butler) in which she will play the part of “Shiori Genpō”. The movie will be released next year and is directed by Kentaro Otan who also directed NANA.

The “E-Line Beautiful” award is arranged by the Japan Association of Adult Orthodontics and is given to a female celebrity who is considered to have the most beautiful profile. When Gouriki got announced about the reward, she said:

”I try to chew evenly with my back teeth. I hope I can keep my natural profile.”

And she sure is beautiful!

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