Glasses that prevent technical devices from recognizing your face!

Are you one of those who dislikes the fact that cameras, law enforcement services, internet search engines, and social networks can automatically recognize your face and hence violate your privacy?

Well, Japan has for this matter invented a pair of glasses that prevents this!

The glasses stop facial recognition software with infrared LED-light.

The glasses stop facial recognition software with infrared LED-light.

The glasses are under development by Japan’s National Institute of Informatics. You may think that sunglasses is enough to trick face detectors, but “unfortunately” they don’t since the systems use features like the eyes and the nose. Just covering your eyes isn’t enough.

These glasses use 11 infrared LEDs that don’t bother the human eye, but through a camera lens they create a bright light that blot out your facial features. The LEDs are positioned strategically to blur areas in the face that are important to face detectors.

The glasses are invented to protect privacy and I’m sure a lot of paparazzi-stalked celebrities would like to wear a couple of these… if they got a more fashionable look… but unfortunately – I must say – probably a lot of robbers and other criminals who don’t want to get caught on surveillance cameras would do so too…

So we’ll see if these glasses will end up in the stores or not!

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