The Satsuki gig at Garage Deluxe in Munich!

I was ready for the concert. ^^

I was ready for the concert. ^^

Yesterday, 22nd July, I packed my bags and went to Munich for the Satsuki Concert.

I was a little bit nervous since I was going with AirBerlin who totally fu**ed up my journey to Cologne approximately a week ago which prevented me from going to the Dir En Grey Concert. 😦 But I had more luck this time!

Last time I saw Satsuki was during his coupling tour with Kaya. It was 12th February 2012 at Underworld in London. After that concert I KNEW that I had to see Satsuki again. That man has totally spellbound me with his voice!

This was my first concert in Munich. I stayed at Derag Livinghotel Max Emanuel which was a very nice hotel, located near Garage Deluxe (the live hall) and the München Rosenheimer Platz from which trains goes all the way to the airport.

Anyway, after making myself ready I started walking in the hot weather, trying to find Garage Deluxe. I was a little bit unsure so of course I got a bit lost. Fortunately I spotted some really colorful hairstyles on the other side of a fence and got a hint of where to go. It’s a good thing that jrock-fans have such outstanding looks. ^_- You always know if you’ve arrived to the right place!

Fans outside Garage Deluxe

Fans outside Garage Deluxe

While waiting outside, I got the opportunity to talk a little with Miho Crown that I’ve had contact with via Facebook. She is the leader of one of the Satsuki fan projects and also followed Satsuki and his band through this tour. Yesterday she was in Paris (France) and after this gig in Germany she would continue to Poznan (Poland). I also got the opportunity to contribute in some fan gifts like messages in fan books and such.

Fan flag

Fan flag

Suddenly when we sat there, Satsuki and another man from his staff turned up with a big garbage bag. Satsuki started to collect trash and some fans helped him.

Satsuki collecting trash

Satsuki collecting trash

Satsuki collecting trash

Satsuki collecting trash

Garage Deluxe was not that big inside, but very cozy. I ordered redbull and vodka which is my new “before-gig-drink”. Back in the days I used to drink beer, but that tend to give me headache (probably due to fluid deficit…) and a need to visit the ladies room in the middle of the concerts and THAT is plain dumb. ^_- Redbull vodka is perfect for these kind of occasions. ^^

While looking at the other fans I established the fact that jrocker-fans often are very creative when it comes to appearances, clothes, hair, makeup and accessories. It’s truly inspiring.

Since I have to save money, I first didn’t plan to buy that much merchandise, but by some reason I end up doing that anyway. This time I got my hands on a t-shirt, a Satsuki bag, a photoset and some chekis.

Satsuki has caught my interest by many reasons. First of all I was a big fan of the band Rentrer en soi in which he used to be the vocalist.

He has a voice that is absolutely beautiful and probably the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard. His music talks to me with its melodic and intense sound and the fact that he masters several instruments fascinated me. He also appear to be such a kind-hearted person and I admire that. His entire presence radiates genuine, humble and loving energies. Still, there’s also something fragile and painful between the lines. It’s hard to put the finger on what it is, but sometimes it shines through when he speaks or through his music.

I recall some of his words from a recent interview:

“I want a lot of light in my life because my heart is so dark.”

Finally the concert started and I went closer to the stage.

Satsuki was accompanied by three bandmembers:

Sana-sama on guitar (ex. MASK)
Seiya on bass (ex. OTOKAGE)
Aki on drums (Lc5).

Seiya, Satsuki, Aki and Sana Sama

Seiya, Satsuki, Aki and Sana-sama

Satsuki don’t want us to take photos so I don’t have any. The photos in this post is photos that Satsuki has shared in Social Media.

Satsuki was wearing a white ruffled shirt and a renaissance inspired jacket. Very pretty. He had fixed his hair from his garbage collecting earlier. It was “windy hair”. He opened the night with “AVEC LE TEMPS” and we all got crazy, clapped and cheered.



I got the blessing to hear a lot of my absolute favorites this night. Shit, Satsuki has made SO MUCH great music!

When they performed with MALACHITE we were all head banging and rocking, accompanied by Satsuki. I know that this is one of his favorite live songs since it makes the fans rock hard. ^_- He made us shout a lot and sometimes he screamed and growled so my heart ached. He makes the most wonderful screams. He truly gave everything at this concert.



It got pretty hot in that little hall and I think we all was soaking of sweat. Satsuki has a really cool tattoo on his hip! He usually don’t talk that much about his tattoos, but during a recent interview he explained the meaning of the tattoos on his arms. The left arms is decorated by a dragon that represent what’s holy, the light, while the raven on his right arm represent what’s demonic and dark, the god of death. I truly can relate to that diversity.



Satsuki made sure to introduce all the band members and made us scream there names. Sana-sama told us his name was Sana but that he wanted to be called Sana-sama. He also added a hearty “Guten Tag” (Good day) and “Ich liebe dich” (I love you).

When Satsuki introduced Seiya he said: “Isn’t he cute?!” Seiya looked very young. I wonder how old he is.

When it was Aki’s turn to be introduced he tried to fool us by demanding us to scream “Yoshiki” to him (legendary drummer in X-Japan).

Sana-sama said that Satsuki should be called Sa-chan, which Satsuki didn’t like at all. Unfortunately, this was what the audience started to shout: “Sa-chan! Sa-chan! Sa-chan!” XD

Sana Sama, Seiya, Satsuki & Aki

Sana-sama, Seiya, Satsuki & Aki

Satsuki taught us the furi (dance moves) to one of his songs. We swirled left hand out, right hand out, swirled them back together and formed our hands to butterflies and waved them towards the floor. It was fun.

Satsuki performs ROMANCE in Munchen:

Satsuki performs TWILIGHT in Munchen:



At some point they spoke German which excited the German fans.

What totally amazed me, was that they suddenly started to play a song I didn’t know and Satsuki STARTED TO SING IN GERMAN! And he sang A LOT! Wow, how the heck had he learned all that? Truly amazing.

Satsuki seemed to really enjoy the evening and he smiled a lot and clapped his hands for us. The audience was not very synchronized, but into it and had a lot of energy.

Which reminds me of that Satsuki at one moment said something like:

“You are energy! Your power is like many red bulls!”

After 11 songs, there was time for the first encore and when Satsuki returned to the stage, he did that alone. It was time for an emotional acoustical moment. He sat down on a chair, played the guitar and sang La Lune for us, very beautifully.  When I watched him at this moment, I felt how much I love his music and my hope to see him again grew bigger.

After this (I think), Satsuki talked about his Gomi Fantasia Project (that’s why he is picking up trash before the gigs) and his wish to get a cleaner world.

He said: “Satsuki’s world is beautiful”.

So let it stay beautiful.

With the Gomi Fantasia banner, Satsuki asked us to get photographed with him. (I’m not visible in the dark. ^_-)

Satsuki and fans in Munchen

Satsuki and fans in Munchen

Satsuki left the stage and we cheery requested another encore. This time, the guys wore the tour t-shirts when they entered (except Aki who seemed to have lost it ^^ He was bare chested).

They gave us two additional songs and to my pure delight the last song was CLOSS OF YELLOW which is one of my absolute favorites. I LOVE it!

This was the setlist of the night:

7. Veil of Maria
8. NVN
10. FATE


12. La Lune (acoustical)



The performance was over and Satsuki, Seiya, Sana-sama and Aki took each others hands and made us do a big jump with them.



Seiya threw bass picks to the audience. Aki stood really close to the edge of the stage and suddenly Satsuki looked a bit mischievous and put him down into the audience. It seemed to be a little bit of a struggle for Aki to get up again. Satsuki looked a little bit worried for a while (still smiling though) and tried to help him up on stage again.

Afterwards there was signing session.

Satsuki signingsession

Satsuki signingsession

I greeted them all, got their autographs and shook their hands.



When I stood in front of Satsuki I told him (as good as I could in Japanese) that I was from Sweden and that I had come there just to see his show. When he heard that he looked genuinely happy and grateful, took my hand with his both and said “Thank you… for coming here!”

I had some gifts for him that I handed over: Swedish chocolate and a stuffed moose (Swedish symbol).

I told him to share the chocolate with the other band members and he smiled and nodded. He pointed at one of my tattoos and said that he liked it. ^^

When he got the moose he laughed and jokingly put it on his jacket. He said something while laughing but unfortunately I couldn’t hear what he said.

It’s strange. Even though I feel prepared before I meet an artist, I always get transformed to this shy and scared little girl who’s mind goes totally blank. So even though I thought that I acted totally cool, I was shaking heavily when I got outside. But very pleased and happy with the evening.

Picture from his Paris gig from Journal du Japun. This is the photographers Facebook Page: Chung Hee – Photographie

This was wonderful. I love Satsuki and I sure would like to see him again. Somewhere in this world. ^^

The following is a recording from Satsuki’s performance in Poland and Satsuki shared it himself on Facebook!



More pics from the LUMINOUS tour

Thanks Satsuki, Sana-sama, Seiya and Aki for a wonderful evening!

And here: Satsuki performs La Lune in Paris!

Closs of Yellow

(Music & Lyrics: Satsuki)

Lyrics translated into English

The time of space falls silent I’m cut off from heaven
The thorn of the rose can’t change the reality

I vow to forever kiss the stars
Too dazzling; I’ll close my eyes so I won’t forget

I ask confusion.
Melancholic so sweetie.
Falling to consciousness mind.
Sunday in the dark.

I ask confusion.
I was so sintering.
Only this beautiful world end inside.

Closs of Yellow
I’m feeling in the dark
Melting love angel falling feather

Closs of Yellow
Making sign of shining
The eternity is carved.

There is only a shining cross
Forever engraved [into the sky]

The future will wrap it up even if it’s fickle now
Light will resound with the voice of samsara
I want to reach the future

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