“Plunklock Wife?” Interview with Plunklock

This interview was posted at J-rock Belgium June 11th.

Interview with PLUNKLOCK

On Sunday 19 May 2013, PLUNKLOCK performed alongside Calmando Qual in Utrecht (Netherlands), the full report can be found here.

We were granted an interview with the guys (courtesy of Kanzen Music), concluding their final show of this European tour. The general atmosphere was very friendly, if somewhat exhausted, but as some of you may know: it takes a LOT to exhaust the likes of Halo and Pinky. They didn’t let their tiredness interfere with the interview, and their enthusiasm added a very nice tone to the whole experience, bot for them and for us.

1. What’s your most favourite song to perform live?
It’s quite difficult to choose.
Halo: Today it was the new song from the new album “JUSTART”, because the whole process is feeling quite good, so it’s the best-feeling song to be playing right now.

2. What are your rehearsals generally like?
Haruka: Very intense, and by the end of it we feel quite exhausted but it feels really good.
Pinky: It goes with the whole Rock’n’Roll thing. (laughs)

3. What has been your biggest challenge so far?
Halo: The Europe tour, because we have a lot of fans on Facebook, and we weren’t sure if we were going to be able to actually do it. Also, there was the language barrier in different countries, and we had no idea what the concerts were going to look like this time around.

4. How do you like performing with CalmandoQual?
Haruka: We’ve played together in Japan as well, and to me they are friends, I’ve known them for quite some time now. I’m really happy to have been able to perform with them abroad as well.
Pinky: They are awesome cool guys! (laughs)

5. Was it hard to find a new member?
Halo: it wasn’t that hard, actually. It was kind of a lucky timing, because we were performing together with another band, where Seishou was the supporting guitarist. So after that live, Seishou came up to us, saying he really liked our performance and music. When we knew Kazuki would be leaving us, Haruka contacted Seishou again. They hung out a few times and Haruka invited him into the studio with us and luckily that worked out nicely.

6. What are your favourite venues?
Haruka: I like the “Progression” in Poland.
Seishou: I don’t really mind…
Halo: Where ever I play and can give my voice!
Pinky: I don’t have a favourite one, but I do like the places we played in Shinjuku, because they’re big and there was a very good atmosphere. It felt good being there.

7. Do you have a special ritual before or after concerts?
Halo: I make random funny noises to warm up my voice. Also, I like to give myself some pep talk in front of a mirror, saying things like “I can do this. I’m awesome.”
Pinky: I like to go to the toilet one last time.
Haruka: I just listen to music…
Seishou: I already start thinking about dinner, which I’ll get afterwards.

8. Do you have a nickname for your fans?
Haruka and Halo: Not really!
Pinky: I just call them my wives. (laughs)
Halo: Plunklockami, Plunklock Wife?
Haruka: So yeah, we don’t have one right now, but if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know through Facebook!

9. A final message to your fans and our readers…
Pinky: Do you like me?
Haruka: I’m really grateful for all the support we’ve been getting from our European fans, because we were a bit scared about the tour, but we’d really like to come back again!
Halo: I promise I’ll practice even more, so when we come back I’ll be even better, and of course, the fans are my family as well. I’m really happy for the support and that we can continue evolving.
Seishou: Bye bye!

And with that, it was time to wrap things up and let the bands and crew finish up the evening.
Special thanks to Stephanie from Kanzen Music for interpreting the interview for us!

All photos by Kelly Govers.
Full photo gallery: JRB Facebook Page.

PLUNKLOCK official website


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