“I’m a perfectionist.” Interview with HITT

This interview was posted at J-rock Belgium June 16th

Interview: HITT

On the 2nd of June we saw Belgium-lover HITT live inside a ship in Liège (Concert Report), and were given the opportunity to interview him afterwards. It had been a very exhausting time for him, with a new album in production, so we sat down to talk about his current experience of being a musician.

You have been known to design your own outfits, have you ever considered becoming a clothing designer?
Hmm, it’s not really designing as such, it’s more that I modify the clothes I already have. Like cutting, tearing, that sort of thing. I don’t really buy expensive clothes, I prefer buying cheap clothes and modifying them and matching them into outfits. I would like to design my own clothes one day, for instance for Kakkotsuke Man I have a few drawings already.

Which of your songs is your personal favourite?
I love all of my songs, but Kakkotsuke Man is the one that’s helped me the most. It’s about saying “You’re so cool, you can do it, you’re so great”. It gives me the courage and strength to continue. It’s my pep-talk to myself.

What other songs would you want to make into a PV if you had the chance?
“Hey Hey” and “Wild Kiss”, from the new album.

What would you say is your most memorable performance so far?
There are too many to mention, I just love every performance I do because I can share it with my fans. however, if I have to pick a few that stand out, these are the ones.
The first one was right here, I was singing “Chouchou” (Butterfly), and one boy was crying because he just loved the song so much. It really made me happy to see my HITTERS (*) enjoy my music so much.
The other one was in France, there was a little girl, perhaps 6 years old or so, and she was so happy to see me for the first time. Everyone let her be in the front row and she was crying and crying because she was so happy. I took her on the stage, and she was just so happy and she just cried throughout the whole show.

What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
I have high ideals for my dream, I’m a perfectionist. I haven’t really achieved anything yet, in my mind. My dream is to be a big star so I will try my best.

Do you have any pets? Are they an inspiration to you?
I have 2 cats. They’re not so much an inspiration, but more like a means of relaxation. (laughs)

A final message to our readers..
I’ve said it many times before, I really don’t want to stop anytime soon, I want to continue and realize my dream of becoming a big star. I really want the HITTERS to grow in number, and that all of them come see me, enjoy my music, buy a CD (laughs).
Yoroshiku onegai shimasu.

(* HITTERS is the nickname HITT uses to refer to his fans)

After this pleasant interview, we said our good-byes to HITT, who promised to be back later this year.

Interview courtesy of Râmen Events.
Photos by Kelly Govers.





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  1. Some pieces of information are incorrect : the song Title is “Hey Hate!” not “Hey Hey” and “Wild Kiss” is his new single and his not on the “Love x Hate” album.
    Otherwise, it’s just as HITT as could be expected from him 🙂

    And I was among those people who let that young girl go in the front row at that live in France, it was so wonderful, and now she keeps on coming to his lives with her family 🙂

  2. Thank you for your corrections Crystal! And it was very noble of you to let the small girl be in the front. You truly made an impression on HITT. 🙂

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