Japanese eye-licking sex

I sure got surprised when a friend of mine (thanks Linnea!) sent me this link to a Swedish very well-known evening newspaper which had an article about Japanese eye-licking sex and posted a link to the Japanese visual kei band “BORN”.

That’s funny!



Well, the eye-licking sex thing sounds a bit weird and I can’t say I want to try it, but it wasn’t really news to me. I’m sure all you other hide-fans who have watched Seth Et Holth knows what I’m talking about. *ha ha*

Seth Et Holth

Seth Et Holth

Seth Et Holth is by the way a masterpiece that I recommend everyone to see. hide rest in peace! <3

Read more about: Seth Et Holth or hide

Well, according to this article, a certain BORN-video (see below) has inspired young people to lick each others eyeballs as a sexual act, which – who could have guessed ^_- – isn’t very healthy for the eyes. Apparently there’s a growing amount of cases where youths comes to school with eye-patches and students suffering from eye infections. According to teachers and authorities it’s just another trend that hopefully will go away soon (Business Insider).

I doubt this video has anything to do with the trend though. The song was released in February 2012… It’s a great song by the way!



A news blog called “Shanghaiist” put some attention to this trend after a teacher caught two students licking each other eyes and described it as a form of petting. When teachers did some research among the school kids, a third of them claimed that they either had licked eye or got their eye licked.

This kind of fetish is called “oculolinctus”.  According to Shangaiist, this trend might have started with BORN’s video to the song “Spiral Lie” in which the singer gets his eye licked (see 3.35). But I think oculolinctus has been a topic among visual kei fans since hide’s days, even if the kids haven’t really performed it… ^^

OK, so remember: eye-licking can cause eye infections and that’s very contagious. It’s nothing I recommend. ^_-

And if you’re curious: here’s also Seth Et Holth. The eye-scene is found at 02.32.

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  1. When I first heard of this “trend”, the first thing that came to my mind was the Seth & Holth film (which is indeed a very, very good film). I also remember seeing this practice in some manga before.
    It’s funny how the media are to make this something “new”, when it’s been around for years!

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