Interview with 砂月 Satsuki

Latest interview with Satsuki about LUMINOUS!

Source: Interview with 砂月 Satsuki about “Luminous”, June 2013

Interview with 砂月 Satsuki about “Luminous”, June 2013

What a busy year for 砂月Satsuki ! In January this year, he released his first full-length solo-album “Luminous”, in April a new DVD called “Moulin Rouge” came out and now, in June he’s coming to Europe again! And we had the amazing opportunity to email him some questions about the new album and the upcoming shows in Europe. (⌒▽⌒)ノ_彡☆

A big thanks to Renaud, who made this interview possible, for all his help and support!!! ★(‘-^v)Thanks(v^-’)★

Q: “Luminous” is your first full length solo album- what does this mean to you?

Satsuki: The title means „Shining“ and I’m really excited about its release!

Q: What’s your favourite song on the album? How did you choose it?

Satsuki: I would say that my favourite is the 8th song of the album: Malachite. That’s because I love the way the audience head- bang when we play this song during a concert!



Q: Last time you told us that „The moon shines bright and illuminates the night and [that you] want [your] music to enlighten the hearts of those who listen to it“ and your new album is called „Luminous“. The concept of „light“ seems to re-occur a lot in your music, why is it so important to you?

Satsuki: This concept is especially important to me since I want a lot of light in my life because my heart is so dark.

Q: The songs on Luminous vary from powerful songs that were perfect for live shows (like „Fate“ or „NVN“ to soft and elegant songs (like „In a Lucid Dream“). Is there a coherent concept behind Luminous based on which you chose the songs and arranged them?

Satsuki: Yes, there is definitely a coherent concept behind this album, like a theatre play. I very carefully chose the songs I wanted to put on this album and made sure to arrange them in the right order.

Q: Can you explain the meaning of the title „NVN“ to us?

Satsuki: Actually, it’s top secret but… I really do love Nirvana! So… Nir Va Na…

Q: Some of the songs on Luminous have been previously released (e.g. „In a Lucid Dream“ on your first single „Awake“). How did you decided songs were to be released on „Luminous“?

Satsuki: That’s difficult for me to put into words… it just definitely needed to be on „Luminous“.

Q: Comparing „In a Lucid Dream“ from 2009 with the Luminous- version, it sounds like a fuller, upgraded version of the song. How do the new songs differ from your older material?

Satsuki: As time goes by, my skills developed a lot so I think that’s what you can hear on the newly recorded versions.

Q: About the song „Determination“ you said „This song is about a person that is ‘saved’ by listening to this song. The person overcomes a seemingly insurmountable reality, and then starts walking toward the future.” Do you actually believe that music has the power to ‘save’ people?

Satsuki: Yes, strongly believe that music has the power to move and to save people. As for „Determination“, this song will save not only me, but also you as well.

Q: When you’re writing songs, do you envision the listeners reaction to it and compose accordingly? If so, is there a general feeling which you want to evoke when listening to „Luminous“?

Satsuki: Yes, that’s definitely something I have in mind while composing. With my music, I want to encourage people to live their lives happily and full of light.

Q: In June you’re coming to Europe again! The last time we interviewed you, you were on a coupling tour in Europe with Kaya. Are you still in touch with each other?

Satsuki: Yes, of course we’re still in touch! After being on tour together, we became really close friends.

Q: Like last year, there are going to be signing sessions after the show. How important is the contact with your fans for you?

Satsuki: It’s great to be able to meet all of you in person! All I want is to see our fans smile 🙂

Q: Is there anything you’re looking forward to in Europe?

Satsuki: Oh, the food in Europe is delicious and they do have gorgeous baths over there!



Q: You will be playing Munich, Paris and Poznan (Poland), is there a reason you chose these three cities?

Satsuki: Ummmm, no, there’s actually no specific reason. But I’d love to go to a lot of different places someday.

Q: This time your bringing SANA, Aki and Seiya as support musicians with you, how did the four of you get together?

Satsuki: The guys are my friends 🙂

Q: Your new DVD with 9 PVs and some bonus footage from your European Tour last year also just came out on 17th April. We were wondering about the title „Moulin Rouge“, how did you chose it?

Satsuki: When I was in Paris I went for a walk and found myself standing in front of the famous Moulin Rouge. That’s how the idea come to me, lol.

Q: Do you already have plans for after the concerts in Europe?

Satsuki: Oh no, I haven’t thought of anything yet.

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