A Japanese blogger found a lizard on Mars

This is quite funny and has started a great amount of speculations online.

A Japanese blogger has studied a picture of the surface on Mars, taken by  NASA, and claims there’s a lizard visible, which has brought up the question: Is there really life on Mars?

Can you see the lizard?

Lizard on Mars

Lizard on Mars

No, I didn’t see it at first either, so here’s a little help:



Well, it looks like some kind of creature, but if you ask me: No, that’s just a rock that kind of have a shape of an animal from Earth.

A little bit funny though that stuff like this can evoke such huge attention. ^_-

What do you think?

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  1. I also think it’s just rock, which looks a little bit like a lizard. And if any one would produce a photo of a lizard on Mars, we should first assure it has not been photoshopped.

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