Like father like son

It’s true that Reita and his cockatiel Keiji looks a bit the same. 😉

Reita and Keiji

Reita and Keiji

I love cockatiels. Actually, I grew up with 20 of them, flying freely in my home. But that’s another story… very intelligent and charming birds.

I found this quote on Mad Marble Hell Vision and liked to share it:

DJ: Do you communicate with Keiji? Like talk to him and stuff like that?
Reita: I do it everyday when I’m back at home.

DJ: What do you talk to Keiji about?
Reita: Just things like…”I’m hooome~ ♪” Oops that was a broadcasting accident.

DJ: Ahahahaha (laughs) So, mainly things like “I’m heading out now”
Reita: Yeah, “I’m home” and “Good morning”.

DJ: What about when you left today? In what way did you say”I’m going now” to Keiji?
Reita: “Papa is heading off to the radio station now.”


DJ: And what was Keiji’s reaction?
Reita: Completely expressionless.

Aoi: AHAHAHAHAHA!! (bursts out laughing clapping his hands)

Reita: He just ignored me and ate his food.

DJ: So…you’re a cockatiel lover?
Reita: Yup. A cockatiel lover.

DJ: Are cockatiels the ones with a little reddish color on their cheeks?
Reita: Yup their cheeks are a little red and looks just like me with painted cheeks.

Everyone: (Bursts out laughing)


Reita and Keiji

Reita and Keiji

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