What Gackt has to say about the rape accusation

As you might have heard, Gackt has been accused of rape and sexual assault by a woman.

See post: Gackt accused of sexual assault

Following is a translation from Gackt’s blog where he’s sharing his thoughts and feelings about this. There’s a lot of anger and strong words.

Note from the translator:

“Just as a reminder, actual swear words are uncensored while censored swearing indicates a rude tone that’s hard to translate otherwise.


Let me introduce a little of what I posted on the blog magazine.
Give it a read.

Go here to read it all.


I’m here.
In a hotel near the venue.
Today is my show in Omiya.



[photo: I was dead tired during the pre-show training too]

I’m lying down in my hotel bed now.
I was sleeping because I’m a bit run down.
My fever hasn’t gone down since before the tour started.
It’s done nothing but go up since the previous show in Tokyo.
It’s because in order to make the show even better I’ve been pulling consecutive all nighters.
I wonder if it will go down before the show…?

By the way.
Something strange has come out again.

What is it? That FLASH article.
FLASH is a gossip and photo tabloid, and they reported that, “Several years ago I kidnapped and violently raped a girl from a hostess club…”

I haven’t heard that one before…
That they’d go that far in making up a story,
I went straight past anger and was so dumbstruck my jaw hit the floor.
Furthermore, the contents of the article totally have a touch of a pornographic novel to them.

That too was so moronic I laughed at it.
Releasing an article like that to collide with my tour is obviously aimed at increasing sales figures…

But my people here feel like the live tour has been given a blow.



[photo: My team are all guys who put KiAi into it, every single one of them]

Knowing that all my fans bought tickets, and have been anicipating their chance to see it all over the country they decided to smash it.
They came to pick a fight with me and all my fans awaiting this tour all over the country.
There’s no greater blasphemy.

Shall we give the tabloids the fight they’re after?
There’s probably DEARS and fans who think that.

In short,
If it was true that I had kidnapped and violently raped a woman several years ago, wouldn’t the poilce have moved to arrest me immediately?
Even a business man who takes an upskirt photo of a school girl is swiftly arrested in this country.

Furthermore, the woman calling herself the victim in all this…
Well, to get back on topic, she suddenly sent a demand for 10 million yen full of lies.

It’s ridiculous.

Don’t we call that “extortion” and “blackmail”?
There’s a ton of it in this world.
I replied via a lawyer,

“There’s no way in hell I’d pay you over such a complete fabrication!!!”

and there was no reply at all, next thing it’s in the tabloids… what the hell?

And the article says she just wants an apology?
Hey, hey, didn’t you JUST send me a demand for money, dumbasses?

I have no idea how many people are involved in this scam, but you guys sure are amateurish, aren’t you?

So I want to say it loud and clear.

Everyone in the world prick up your ears and listen.
“I’m not so desperate for women that I have to tie one who doean’t like me up and demand that she satisfy me!!!!”

Seriously, what is with this drama?

Honestly it’s so f**king stupid I don’t even want to engage with it.
Then some TV stations whispered, “We’re worried about our sponsorship…” and that was it.

Seriously, give me a break.

I’ve assembled three excellent lawyers to counter this.
Because I’ve actually lost Music Fair and other TV appearances over this.

It’s a real f**king pain.

Here’s your victim, over here!!!
I’ve decided that this is obvious slander against me,
and a scheme of those who want to crush the artist GACKT.

Even though I’m very patient, if you treat me like a beast,
that patience is sure to run out.
Seriously, it’s a huge waste of money too.
If I was going to spend that much money I’d drop it on my concerts.

Can I permit such a fabrication?
Can I just let something like this slide?
What’s always stomped on by these things, are the hearts of all my fans who always support me purely.

I’m already too used to it and can laugh it off.

There are 8 year old kids who joined DEARS after watching “Akumu-chan”.
There are lots of parents and kids who are both fans.



[photo: Even though the concerts everyone was waiting for had just begun.]

A lot of you reporters have kids too, right?
Nothing mattering but sales, the idea that if you can write for the mass media, you win, isn’t there something wrong with that?

Don’t you have any morals and shit?
Can’t you tell the difference between shit and soup?

[=Japanese idiom for being unable to distinguish what’s worthless and what’s valuable]

Don’t we artists have rights?
Do they think that artists are someone you can write anything about and it won’t cause problems?
Do you think that just writing anything will sell?
Do you think bashing us is a kind of justice?
It’s a vicious cycle.

They know that tabloid sales are dropping.
So they write exaggerated stories.
Readers stop believing them.
So they have to write even more exaggerated stories.

Then they’ll stop selling and be cancelled.
This is something you’d realize if you thought about it,
but recently the tabloids are too lacking in morals.

I want to throw a stone against the rotten tide in this country.
There should be at least one artist who fights it head on.
You guys, my blog magazine family, each and every DEAR, fight with your anger.
If we’re blasphemed, the swords come out.
If we’re crushed, we’re crushed.
If I’m going to be insulted by these fabricated reports treated like a beast, and even have my rights trampled, even if you chop my arms and legs off and burn out my eyes, I’ll fight.

At this rate, I’ll really end up hating Japan.
What the hell is with this country?
Isn’t it getting stranger and stranger?
I’ll make public a bit of my lawyer’s response.

Read more…[http://ch.nicovideo.jp/channel/gackt]

That’s all.

It’s moronic.

I don’t want to waste time on such worthless things.


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