Gackt accused of sexual assault

I guess most Gackt fans have heard about this and if you ask me… I don’t believe it a bit. What are your thoughts and opinions?

Following is from Asia Singapore

GACKT is accused of rape and sexual assault

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

39 years old Japanese musician, singer-songwriter, actor, and author GACKT is accused of sexual assault and rape. The alleged rape scandal surfaced on 13 May 2013 but according to Japanese tabloid FLASH magazine the alleged rape has occured in September 2011. According to FLASH, GACKT and two friends went to a hostess bar. Arround 03:30 AM, GACKT driver came to pick him up and GACKT asked the 27 years old hostess to accompany him home. She refused the offer but he took him into car by force and forced her to perform oral sex on the way.

The woman accused GACKT of pull her hair, and constantly beating her and bringing her home to continue his oral sex. GACKT later allegedly tied her hands tied behind her back and continued sexual assault until 9 AM in the morning.

After the news article was published, GACKT has released a statement in his web site:

For the GACKT article which was published in weekly magazine FLASH on May 13: Let me explain. The assault has not happened and we are suing FLASH for defamation. Also, since we have to verify that behavior of women and victims is not true, and we are considering, including the legal course of action in this regard. We apologize for any worry in dealings Dear and everyone of the fans, so proceed by with legal counsel to respond to not apologize for the worry to everyone, so that you can understanding, thank you.

Following is from Channel News Asia

Gackt denies sexual assault allegations

Japanese singer-songwriter Gackt denies that he sexually assaulted a nightclub hostess for six hours at his home as a Japanese tabloid had claimed.

Japanese singer-songwriter Gackt on the red carpet at the 6th Asian Film Awards in Hong Kong in 2012. (AFP /Aaron Tam)

TOKYO: Japanese singer-songwriter Gackt’s management has denied allegations that he had sexually assaulted a 27-year-old nightclub hostess in September 2011, reported Japanese media.

A Japanese tabloid had recently claimed that Gackt had sexually assaulted the hostess for six hours at his home.

However, Gackt’s management said Monday, in a statement on his official website, that the report is “completely false”, and that Gackt intends to sue the publication for defamation.

The singer’s lawyer has since met with the police to give his side of the story, after the hostess filed an official police complaint against him in April.

The hostess had explained that she did not approach the police at the time as she had just started going out with her new boyfriend, and did not want him to know.

Gackt’s management dismissed her claims as being “untrue”, and said they are now “considering taking legal action” against her.

– CNA/ha

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  1. 🙁 I’m so frustrated over this.
    The other rumours about Gackt, I just brushed aside because it was not important for me.
    But something like this is just completely horrible. I hope that Gackt is telling the truth, and I will Chose to believe in Gackts side, and I truly hope he will not betray that trust.

    And besides….If Gackts wants sex he just has to go out on the street and shout from the top of his lounges ”I WANT SEEEX” and it would be loads of females willing to throw them self at him,

  2. It doesn’t matter if the person was a prostate on the streets or a business woman for a corporate company – any sort of unwanted sexual consent from anyone is rape. Period. No one deserves to be raped, and its sad how I found that idea presented on youtube. :/

    I mean, if the vocalist from 12012 (can’t remember his name at the moment) can beat his girlfriend, then anything like this is possible. I’m also not into Gackt enough to be able to say much; but as a long time Jrock fan, the idea of sexual assault shouldn’t be denied from any fan of Jrock.

      • I remember that story about Wataru Miyawaki (singer in 12011). Did he confess it? I think I remember some kind of apologize, but I never got the whole story of what did happen.

      • Yes! and I’m pretty sure he did confess. I didn’t know much about it until someone on LJ talked about it. I dunno if he apologized, but I’m pretty sure he wasn’t punished for long. (usual celebrity thing it seems?)

    • Miyawaki Wataru did not beat his girlfriend. I believe he was at a bar and he strangled her but the woman had dropped the charges. Granted yes, this is a possible scenario, somehow it doesn’t add up. I know sometimes it can be hard to come out but again, these cases can false. So I wouldn’t suggest that he did do it. No one really knows what happens in these situations. All we can do is hope for the best outcome.

    • I meant strangled a woman* not sure if it was a girlfriend or not, maybe it was but he did apologize in a blog. Not the greatest way to apologize but he still did it. I think it’s just we can’t say if he’s guilty without hard evidence. No pun intended.

  3. Gackt has stated in his blog that this woman tried to blackmail him, asking for money or she would go to the press, the magazine Flash (which is a tabloid, paid her a lot of money for her story and probably told her she had to file a report with police as part of printing the story,) that makes me less sympathetic to her and angry on behalf of rape victims who are never believed. Through this, the woman remains anonymous, but not Gackt. Whenever people are targeted, if they are exonerated, the news is always published at the back of the paper, after the damage to their reputation has been done.

  4. I just saw two photos of gackt and the girl on the Chinese news magazine, but to me it looked like the girl was inviting him. No discomfort showed on her face whatsoever. So even if I don’t know the whole story whether its true or not. In my opinion I believe it’s false.

  5. it sounds like a person we have in Australia a woman named lara bingle she is only famous because of her pointless BS with people who are famous always causeing trouble just to be someone in hi-sosyity she is in America now but still her BS is been showed on Australian tv. im not saying gackt did it or didnt do it & the accusations made by this woman are true or false but as the public we dont know any of them personally. so why should we judge because its only going to fuel the fire that was started directly by this woman

    as the public we see gackt as a really nice kind of guy . personally i always will see him as that no matter what . but what we dont know what all these famous people are like behind closed doors. but for someone to go around accusing people of some really nasty things knowing it will go public sounds a little suspicious like they will stop at nothing to become famous even if it destroys someone in the process. its kind of pathetic!

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