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Nippon Heaven: Hello! Can you, please, introduce yourself to our readers?
Shota: Hi I’m Shota, nice to meet you ! and…
ADAM: I’m ADAMS’ singer ADAM.

NH: When did the band was formed? How did you decided to start it?
ADAM: That was November 2011. We are first song made of ADAMS.

NH: The main theme of ADAMS is homosexuality, but do you really like men?
ADAM: How do I explain? “I love Shota”
Shota: lol

NH: Which is your preferred type of men/women?
Shota: This is good question of me!! But I don’t have type of both.
Sometimes, I just want anyone. It’s no reason lol
ADAM: Hey lol But we will like people is rare. It’s maybe just feelings.

NH: What is the most important thing when you create your music?
Shota: ADAM’s voice.
ADAM: Originality, Revolutionary, Timeless. This is it.

NH: How do you spend your time during rehearsal?
Shota: We don’t rehearsal almost right?
ADAM: Yes, it’s because we put the most time in production.

NH: What is your way to entertain the audience during a live performance?
Shota: Only people who came to showing of us know it.
It’s can’t say the word something…

NH: Which is your favorite ADAMS’ song? Why?
ADAM: I love all, I can’t choose.
Shota: I love all too, but… If I choose favorite. maybe DIZZY LOVE and Kissin’ in te Dark

NH: Shota, you are playing guitar, but is there another instrument you can play on?
Shota: Yes, i made all sound other ADAM’s voice.

NH: Adam, what about you? Can you play on a instrument?
ADAM: I’m just sing from my heart.

NH: ADAMS is making first tour in Europe in July. What are your expectations?
Shota: I have a great plan “ADAMS in Europe” surely but…
Actually, it was not decided yet officially.

NH: What are your feelings about it (the tour)?
ADAM: GREAT!! Please thinking. We don’t wait a year to debut yet!
It is a revolution that you guys have caused

NH: Your new single “Bittersweat” will be out in July. Is there any specific thing about it?
Shota: We have to shooting of the music video the other day. I think you will close the day to see the complete it.

NH: You also participate in “Kareinaru gekijou -Splendid Violent Emotion Vol.5-“. What do you think about this possibility?
Shota: I wanted to see is just the number. That’s all.
ADAM: lol… He’s serious the number always.

NH: Can you, please, leave a message to Nippon Heaven’s readers?
ADAM: I love you, if you don’t like me…
Shota: Yeah, “NEO SEXUAL” means not straight, not gay, also not by sexual.
It is the love of truth that transcends sex. Kisses.

Big thanks to ADAMS for answering to our questions. It was pleasure and honor for us!
Nippon Heaven Staff

Source: Nippon Heaven

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