PLUNKLOCK and Overworld gig at RenStage!

May 11th-12th 2013. What a weekend! ^^

As a part of Nyanko Scandal Factory I got the opportunity to spend some time with PLUNKLOCK when picking them up at the airport and escorting them to the hotel and arena. Everything went smoothly this Saturday and RenStage was a success. The Swedish rock/visual kei band Overworld was the opening act and made an amazing gig as always. Thanks Endigo, Nikke, Kaz, Lynx and Andie for that!

Fans had been standing in line outside the arena for hours in hope to get a good spot when it was time for PLUNKLOCK to enter the stage. With great energy, charm and talent we all got spellbound by their music and performance.



They played new songs as well as old ones and people were clapping hands, head-banging and dancing. It was a wonderful concert and I felt blessed to got the chance to see them live again. Last time was February 25th last year when they performed at Rencon in Falun.



After the show there was merchandize selling and signing session. The boys in the band got gifts from cheerful fans. ^^

Did you know that the JUSTart album contains TWO bonus songs! ^^

7. Byouteki Cinderella

Pinky & Seishou (PLUNKLOCK)

Pinky & Seishou (PLUNKLOCK)

Afterwards did we in Nyanko Scandal Factory, Overworld and PLUNKLOCK go out for some foods and drinks and had a very nice evening at a pub. At least for some hours. We had to take the boys to the airport early next morning and they sure needed some sleep after been performing every night for several days now.



Sunday was my birthday, so I consider this day/night to have been an awesome birthday gift to myself. ^^ I really hope we will be able to bring back PLUNKLOCK to Sweden next year again.



A great thanks to everybody who helped out, especially Marie – our excellent driver – and to Jessica of course, the president of Nyanko Scandal Factory. Creds to Huset, Huddinge for a really nice arena and to RenKai who arranged a really nice event! I met some really wonderful people this evening that I hope to see again.

Pictures and videos

Please visit Nyanko Scandal Factory’s Webpage for more pictures on PLUNKLOCK and Overworld!
Gallery: PLUNKLOCK May 11th
Gallery: Overworld may 11th

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