Boy or a girl?

Hm…. who do you think this is…? *scratches head*


Ah, of course… You know it right?

Shall I give you a hint?

Boys and girls, be ambitious
Boys and girls, keep it real

Haven’t heard anything from this guy for a long time. I would like to see him live again. One day.

In Europe. In Japan. Doesn’t matter.



LM.C official website


LM.C stands for: Lovely-Mocochang.Com
Formed: August 12th 2006
Debut: September 3rd 2006

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Vocal & Guitar: Maya
(Yamazaki Masahito) (まぁや)
Vocal & Guitar: Maya (まぁや) (LM.C)

template-cakeJuly 30th 1979
Guitar: Aiji
(Mizui Shinji) (あいじ)
Guitar: Aiji (あいじ) (LM.C)

template-cakeNov 17th 1974

Member History

  • Vo. Maya → sinners → Ishihara Gundan (Miyavi support band, Gt.) → LM.C
  • Gt. Aiji → SIAM SHADE(roadie) → MONALIZA(哀) → KALEN(AI) → Pierrot(Aiji) → PIERROT LM.C

Support members:

  • Dr. Kaede → FAT BUG → test-No., LM.C(support) →  test-No.(kaede), THE GALLO
  • Ba. HIKO → YANKEE ROSE → vogue → nuvc:gu → THE SPIN[2] → LM.C(support) → SPEED-iD
  • Dr. DEATH-O → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Vj. ENKI-MAN → LM.C(support) → ?
  • DJ. Jay-Kay → LM.C(support) → ?
  • Ba. EVAKAN → LM.C(support) → ?

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