A nervous Kazuki meets senior Aoi (funny!)

This is quite funny: Kazuki (ScReW) who seem to be a fanboy of Aoi (the GazettE) gets a chance to have a talk to him, and I must say, it doesn’t seem that simple. ^^

This is an article from ORICON PSP 1800 Vol.20: Kazuki (SCREW) x Aoi (the GazettE)!

The original article can be seen HERE!

But for those of us who prefer an English translation, keep reading. Creds to Aki who has made the translation!

In the conversation with his senior, overwhelmed Kazuki is…

— First of all, let me explain the rules. This project is to allow you to spend 30 minutes talking about whatever you want.
[Aoi] Is it also okay not to talk about anything as well?

— That depends on Kazuki’s skill (lol).

[Kazuki] Is that true!? Err… Aoi-san, if you please. Talk to me (begging)!
[Aoi] Ah~ what should I do about that?
[Kazuki] Um~ Firstly, is it alright to jump in starting from the explanation about these glasses!
[Aoi] … … … yeah.
[Kazuki] This seat is meant for the person who takes up the host role, and the rule says that the person in charge of being the host should always be wearing glasses (comment: there’s no such rule)!
[Aoi] Who decided on that?
[Kazuki] Ah… … It was decided from the time Keiyuu-san was here.
[Aoi] Okay. Then this rule ends with Kazuki, right?
[Kazuki] Ah… yes. It ends. It’s decided that it comes to an end!
[Aoi] Right.
[Kazuki] Ah… yes. Umm… So then, on to the discussion. Fact is, I’ve been in good terms with Aoi-san even in private.
[Aoi] There’s no such thing (flatly).
[Kazuki] Ah… that… is so. That’s right. Yes. That’s right, that’s right.

— Do your best!! Kazuki!

[Kazuki] Umm~ Aoi-san, if it’s alright with you, may I? Er… I have a few questions.
[Aoi] No way.
[Kazuki] Right. Okay then. There’s no way, huh. I thought so, too.

— No, you haven’t said anything (lol). Hey! You made a promise to Keiyuu, didn’t you! Do it!

[Kazuki] I did. (Kazuki being in dilemma and drenched in sweat) Aoi-san, umm~ Excuse me!
[Aoi] I’m going home.
[Kazuki] No! Please wait a minute! As expected, this mission is impossible!

— You made a man-to-man promise!

[Kazuki] Right~ Aoi-san! Umm~.
[Aoi] What?
[Kazuki] Excuse me! (leaning back bossily)
[Aoi] What the hell are you doing?

— Ahahaha. It was a mission from Keiyuu, right, that when you invite Aoi-kun, you’ll boast around arrogantly “He came.” (lol)

[Aoi] I’m going home now.
[Kazuki] Aaaaa~ Aoi-san! Please wait! Umm~ can I just ask one thing? This might be too sudden, but what’s your favorite food?
[Aoi] Nothing special in particular.
[Kazuki] Your favorite drink?
[Aoi] Well, I like any beverage.
[Kazuki] On the contrary, what’s your most disliked food?
[Aoi] I guess it’s Kazuki.
[Kazuki] Right… Forgive me (apologizing)!

— Is Kazuki some kind of food!?

[Kazuki] I am! For sure! If Aoi-san says so then I am a food. Err… this one-question one-answer style is really difficult (lol). Is it okay if I end it here?

— But you’ve only asked 3 questions!?

[Kazuki] I’m sorry. Please forgive me!
[Aoi] I’m going home.
[Kazuki] Please wait! I’m going to do this properly from now on! Umm~ Sorry, can I take off my jacket? If you’ll excuse me!

— Ahahaha. You’re sweating (lol).

[Kazuki] Aoi-san, what shall we talk about? *he slips his words here
[Aoi] What’s wrong with you?
[Kazuki] I’m sorry, I’m so nervous my mouth can’t function properly (bitter smile). First of all, thank you for allowing me to have this chance to talk with you!
[Aoi] (silence)
[Kazuki] Err~ Today is kind of hot, right. No~ To be allowed to get this chance to talk, despite having so many things I wanted to ask you since I haven’t had much opportunity to.
[Aoi] (silence)
[Kazuki] Yes. As expected, if I don’t do the hosting properly, the conversation will be hard. Right~ I thought so too.
[Aoi] (silence)
[Kazuki] Umm~ When are you moving out of your current place?
[Aoi] I’m not moving out.
[Kazuki] I see. You’re not. Why did I ask about moving out.
[Aoi] But I’ve got a bidet installed now.
[Kazuki] For real!? That is awesome, isn’t it! That is really awesome!
[Aoi] What’s so awesome about that.
[Kazuki] I see~ that’s right.

— Which is it!

[Kazuki] You’re right.

— As I said (lol).

[Kazuki] No, but honestly, in private, I always got invited out to eat together. He’s really nice, always worrying about me, and we got to talk about various things.
[Aoi] Having said that, who are you talking to (lol)?
[Kazuki] Ah, I’m sorry. I was just talking to the air around me (lol).
[Aoi] Have you been busy lately?
[Kazuki] Yes. Thanks to you I’ve had lots to do. Ah, about that ring! I’m wearing it with care!

— You were given a ring?

[Kazuki] Yes! For my birthday.

— That’s so nice~. Unexpectedly, despite being like this now you’re actually a nice guy, Aoi-kun.

[Kazuki] Wait! What do you mean by being like this!

— He seems good in taking care of his juniors, right.

[Kazuki] Aoi-san is really nice that he can be too nice, you know!
[Aoi] Right. I’m a nice guy. My appearance is gentle, and I look like a kind person who’s good in taking care of others. Right?
[Kazuki] … … … … Ah, yes!
[Aoi] Ah, my mood is bad. I’ll just go home.
[Kazuki] No no no no no no! Wait a minute! I love you!

— You’re suddenly confessing (lol)!

[Kazuki] No, but, to be honest, I used to be afraid of him in the past. I thought there was definitely no way I could approach him. However, once I got to know Aoi-san deeper, I couldn’t help but to like him, so much so that I can’t be apart from him. I love him! He’s such a logical person, and he’s really cool.
[Aoi] As I said before, who are you talking to (lol)? The fans are going to read this conversation, right? Talk about more interesting stuff, will you.
[Kazuki] I see. Okay. I wanted to talk about equipments, will that be alright?
[Aoi] That won’t do. That won’t be interesting for the fans. Think of some other topic that’s more appealing.
[Kazuki] I see. But, private stuff… … won’t that be impolite?
[Aoi] Well. Since I have a public image, you know~.
[Kazuki] Right.

— Kazuki, it’s your duty to draw out that private issue. Display the things about Aoi-kun, things that no one else but Kazuki knows. Praise him. That’s Kazuki’s duty today.

[Kazuki] I see. (looking at Aoi) Surely, speaking of Aoi-san, even his car is awesome. About the Ja-jag-are… … can I say it?
[Aoi] It’s fine. It’s not a jag-are though (lol). It’s Jaguar. Can’t you pronounce something like ‘guava’?
[Kazuki] Is that how you pronounce it! Jaguar! That Jaguar, right, I was given the opportunity to drive it several times.

— Really now!?

[Kazuki] Yes. I had never driven such a luxurious car before, so I had no idea about how to automatically shut the mirror and such. As we entered the highway, I noticed that I forgot to open the mirror! I was so flustered back then. I’m so sorry!
[Aoi] Nah~ I thought then, this guy is really an idiot, huh~ (lol).

Visiting each other’s parents’ house during New Year’s holidays!

— No no, tell me more (lol). Where did you two go?

[Aoi] My parents’ place and his parents’ (lol). It was during New Year (lol). We talked about it a while ago, but only just then got to do it. It was two years ago, I think.

— Aoi-kun’s parents’ place is in Mie-prefecture, Kazuki’s is Tottori, right? The direction is the same.

[Aoi] If you say the same, it is the same, but it was really far away. Since it was New Year, the road was so crowded. On top of that, the snow was horrible. We left Mie-prefecture at 10 a.m., and arrived in Tottori around midnight.
[Kazuki] That’s right. We were unable to take the ridge pass.
[Aoi] True, true. We left the car at some kind of a village roadside station. We couldn’t attach a chain, so we couldn’t continue driving from there.
[Kazuki] Yes. We had to stop for like 3 days, right?
[Aoi] Right. We left the car there, and then I stayed at Kazuki’s place for 2 days (lol). Although we went to Kazuki’s place, there was another ridge that we had to pass, so it was inevitable.
[Kazuki] Right.
[Aoi] But it was fun. There was nothing but mountains (lol).
[Kazuki] Ahahaha. That’s right. There is nothing but mountains at my parents’ place (lol).

— What were you guys doing there?

[Aoi] We’re both basically heavy drinkers, so we’re always drinking.
[Kazuki] Yes. We didn’t come to any conversation. It was a lot of fun. But, wasn’t the meal good?
[Aoi] The meal was good. Originally, we had the intention to tour around to eat crab. So then we ate a lot of crabs.
[Kazuki] It was a like a pair trip, right!
[Aoi] Well, uh, doesn’t that sound kind of gay?
[Kazuki] No, it doesn’t! I’m definitely making some people jealous! To all of the fans, forgive me (apologizing).
[Aoi] By the way, the food we had at Kazuki’s place was so, so good, but the ramen we had somewhere on the way was so, so bad!
[Kazuki] That’s right. It was a famous ramen shop chain store so we thought we definitely had to eat there, but the taste was really different from the one in Tokyo.
[Aoi] For some reason they put a lot of cabbage in it, really awful. But it was really fun at Kazuki’s place. I talked to your parents a lot, too.
[Kazuki] Yes. My parents were also glad talking to Aoi-san. They said you’re such a nice man.

— What kind of conversation did you have!?

[Aoi] Various things. However, I met his brother who was around the same age as me, and he was like, “Because of a guy like you, Kazuki rarely comes home! How long will Kazuki be in a band!” (lol). Your brother is also worried about you. As expected, when I was talking to your family, I thought they didn’t want me to talk about dream-like things like bands and such, like, they wanted us to work properly. But I think Kazuki was raised in a really nice family. That’s because you have really lovely parents.
[Kazuki] No no no, I’m so happy that you said so!
[Aoi] Ah, speaking of which, sorry, sorry, I’m so late. Congratulations for your major debut.
[Kazuki] Thank you so much! But uh, Aoi-san! Forgive me!

— What what what?

[Aoi] Ah, this guy (lol). Before this, he said this was the first time he’s entering the royalties, so firstly he would like to treat me. That’s what he said when he invited me.

— Kazuki’s a great guy.

[Aoi] Right. He’s cute, huh. So then the two of us went for a drink. We had something to eat, and from there we were heading toward the place we regularly go for drinks. But even though we went to drink, he fell asleep along the way!

— That’s the worst, Kazuki.

[Kazuki] I’m sorry (apologizing)! I’m really, really sorry! It was truly inexcusable! The next day, I was told by the ((bar))master about various things that happened after I fell asleep.

— Eh!? Did Aoi pay for the bill!?

[Aoi] No. I firmly told the master that this guy was going to pay for everything.
[Kazuki] No, but then Aoi-san said, “It’ll be bad if the payment’s insufficient”, and then pulled out some money! I’m really sorry!
[Aoi] Just like he said (lol). I was so lonely drinking all by myself.
[Kazuki] I’m so, so sorry!
[Aoi] That’s okay. But y’know, that bar was really nice. I thought that people like us would rarely get invited, but I had relatives calling me to join their nabe party and such. That’s genial. I’ve had invitations to visit their homes too. I like that kind of hospitality.
[Kazuki] But speaking about hospitality, that’ll be Aoi-san. I received a lot of instructions about guitars, advices about equipments, and he also gave me a guitar!
[Aoi] Since I wasn’t using it, I thought I’d just give it to you. Now I’m using one with the same model but with a different color. But doesn’t that sound kind of gay, using the same kind of thing?

— You’re still fussing over that, huh (lol).

[Kazuki] Ahahaha. It doesn’t sound gay! It’s fine! Because I love you!
[Aoi] Hei, that just now sounded gay (lol).
[Kazuki] No, this weird topic doesn’t matter if it’s Aoi-san. Even though I seem so. I’m devoting myself to you forever!
[Aoi] I don’t need that (lol).
[Kazuki] Ah, is that so (lol). I’m sorry! But I really love Aoi-san!
[Aoi] Y’know, the other juniors that I go out to drink with are going to be really jealous (lol).
[Kazuki] That’s right! With the flow of the conversation, it has turned into ‘when we went out to drink’ talk. If they notice, then it’s inevitable! They’ll say, “Ah, he’s not inviting me!”
[Aoi] Then I’m going to be bombarded with questions like, “Why? Why didn’t you invite me to join that conversation!?” (lol).

— That’s because Aoi-kun is famous among other juniors, right. You’re a popular guy.

[Kazuki] That’s right! Having to share with people who like him too, of course I’m jealous.
[Aoi] Like I said, that kind of thing sounds gay, so stop it (lol).
[Kazuki] That’s fine! Although that makes me seem so, I don’t mind!
[Aoi] I’m the one who feels bad (lol).
[Kazuki] Jokings aside, Aoi-san is really a gentle person. When I did something bad, he would scold me. Harshly, but also warmly. Things about guitars, too, he told me a lot of things with gentle care, and he gave me many advices. I’m really thankful. Also among those things, on stage, he is a person I can respect. From now on as well I’ll continue chasing after Aoi-san’s figure, learning from him, and I wish that one day I can go to where he is. I can never surpass him, so I’ll be fine with just being able to see the view from the same place as he is.
[Aoi] No no, go ahead and surpass me. We’ll be doing our best to be unsurpassed, too.
[Kazuki] No, our human tolerance is on absolutely different levels, so it’s impossible… …

— Is there any negative side in Aoi-kun?

[Kazuki] None (firmly).

— Tell me, don’t hide anything.

[Kazuki] There’s none (firmly).

— It will only be between us.

[Aoi] You’re writing down our conversation, aren’t you!? Then it won’t be just between us (lol).

— Ah, you caught me (lol). But is that all there is about Aoi-kun.

[Kazuki] Like I said, that’s all there is (lol). He’s a great guy even at first sight!

— No no, but he must have some unexpectedly weak or frail side, right.

[Kazuki] Ah, I suppose he does. He’s easily moved to tears. We just talked about going home to our parents’ homes together, right. Around two years ago, my grandmother passed away. I was really my grandmother’s boy. Grandma surely wanted to meet Aoi-san too. We talked about that, my dad, me, and Aoi-san while we were drinking, and Aoi-san crumbled and cried. I was so touched. The three of us ended up crying as we drank. I told him about Grandma wanting to meet him way before we went, but we never settled on the plan. We finally decided to go at the beginning of the year, but then my grandma passed away in November. There was no sign, it happened so suddenly. It felt like I was a step behind. I talked about Aoi-san a lot to Grandma, so she wanted to see him too… … …
[Aoi] He’s really his grandma’s boy, so he talked about his grandma to me very often. That’s why I thought I’d go meet her, and then his dad brought up the topic too, I unintentionally lost control of myself… …
[Kazuki] You’re really a gentleman.
[Aoi] I myself really love my grandma and grandpa. The members of our band all came from Kantou, so whenever we had lives in Tokyo or Yokohama, the families of the members came to see us, including our grandparents. I was so happy meeting everyone’s grandparents. Uh, is everyone in SCREW except Kazuki from Kantou?
[Kazuki] No, Jin-chan is from Kumamoto, Manabu from Osaka, Rui from Chiba, and Byou from Tokyo.
[Aoi] Ah, that’s great. In my case, everyone except me is from Kantou, so when we’re in Tokyo or Yokohama, during the greetings backstage, my family is the only one who can’t attend. It’s really lonesome.

— But when you came home to Mie everyone came to see you, right.

[Aoi] Well, yeah.

— Your mother is really young!

[Kazuki] She is! I was so surprised! The truth is, I’ve become Aoi-san’s mom’s mail-friend!
[Aoi] Right (lol). When we visited each other’s families, I hadn’t contacted my mom to tell her anything, but this guy sent her a mail saying “We’re coming home together this year!”. So when I called home, they already knew about our plan (lol). What was that (lol).
[Kazuki] Aoi-san’s mom is my Mie-prefecture mom!
[Aoi] What the hell (lol).
[Kazuki] Let’s go home together again! Oh, right! Aoi-san, this might not be related to what we’ve been talking about, is it okay? I just bought a 60 kg dumbbell! I’m increasing the weight 30 kg each time!
[Aoi] As you increase your muscles, your fans will increase too, huh.
[Kazuki] Yes, I’ll do my best!
[Aoi] You’re becoming a great band recently so I hope you do give it your best. I’m doing my best, so Kazuki should too.
[Kazuki] Yes, I will! Thank you so, so much!

— Yosh. Finally, the one-question one-answer mission, make 5 questions! Do it! Kazuki!

[Kazuki] Really!? Err… Your hairstyle today is nice!
[Aoi] That’s not a question (lol).
[Kazuki] Isn’t it. What will you be doing during the holidays?
[Aoi] I’ll be writing songs.
[Kazuki] Please tell me something that you don’t like about me!
[Aoi] Your personality, I think.
[Kazuki] What! Can we cut that out please (lol)! Please tell me something that you like about me!
[Aoi] Honestly speaking, I don’t really like you.
[Kazuki] For sure, please cut that out!

— Two more questions!

[Kazuki] Praise me please!
[Aoi] Fufufufufu, you’re doing your best, huh.

— Should I cut this part too.

[Kazuki] What! That’s a good thing!

— One more question!

[Kazuki] I love you! From now on, please treat me well!
[Aoi] That is not a question (lol)!
[Kazuki] Ah, I’m sorry! Oh hell I’m awfully drenched in sweat (lol).
[Aoi] Let’s go out to drink again.
[Kazuki] Yes, thank you very much!

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