Something sweet for Seishou’s birthday!

Seishou (Plunklock)

Seishou (Plunklock)

A birthday fan-project was recently announced on Facebook! This time it concerns PLUNKLOCK’s new guitar-player Seishou who turns one year older July 5th!

The objective of the fan project is to create a sweet videomessage from fans all over the world: pictures, words, films etc.

Take a look at this page on Facebook of how to participate!

Seishou Birthday Project

Message on the project page:“Seishou’s birthday is coming in few months, July 5th is the accurate date.
So it is time to kick off a new project yet again.^^

Like the times before, we are doing a video message.

You can either draw or edit a picture, post a few words here on this events wall.
Or if you want to make a short video clip then upload it first (in mediafire for example) and then share the link on this events wall.

Every entry is VERY welcomed, even if it’s only just few words!
Don’t be afraid that anything you do or say is found lacking, every entry is important!

Remember to stay polite, rude or offensive posts will not be added to the final video.

Deadline to this project is 23rd of June, so by then all the entries must be on our hands!

So come on people join the fun, invite friends to join on this project too and let’s make awesome gift to Seishou san!!!!!”

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