Satsuki fan project – restore earth and make art!

Satsuki posted about this himself on Facebook and it concerns a really cool fan project!

The project is based on the idea that fans all over the world collect trash and together we create beautiful mosaic art of Satsuki.

This is the result of last years project:

Satsuki Mosaic Fan Art

Satsuki Mosaic Fan Art

Follwing information comes from this page: SATSUKI -GOMI Mosaic Art 2013-5月3日のゴミの日開催!ファンの力で砂月ゴミ拾いモザイクアートを完成させよう!

SATSUKI -GOMI Mosaic Art- 2013” is the project that makes a mosaic art from pictures of trash by all Satsuki funs from 0:00am to 12:00pm 3rd May (in Japan).

Date & time
2nd, 8:00am~3rd, 8:00am (USA,PST)
2nd, 4:00pm~3rd, 4:00pm (EU,Germany)
3rd, 0:00am~3rd, 12:00pm (Tokyo)

We organized 1st event last year, and we pick up over 5000 pieces of trash in the world and made a wonderful mosaic art of SATSUKI.

In this year we hope we can pick up over 10000 pieces of trash in one day!!

How to join
For smartphone users (iPhone, android)
1. Download PIRIKA
iPhone →
Android → (English, Japanese, 繁体中文 is supported)
2. Pick up trash and count
3. Take a photo of litter with PIRIKA
4. Share on PIRIKA

For who doesn’t have smartphone
1. Pick up trash
2. Take a photo of litter
3. Send photo with email to

The project can clean up the world by Satsuki and all Satsuki funs, so join us and make the world a better place!!

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