the GazettE SHOXX Red Motel #5

SHOXX EditonTo celebrate the fact that the GazettE is coming to Europe, I intend to share pictures & TEXTS from the SHOXX FiLE Editions 1 & 2, starting from the beginning.

If you like them, then I recommend you to buy the editions. For example at CDJapan:
SHOXX FiLE Edtion.1 | the GazettE 2003 – 2007
SHOXX FiLE Edition.2 | the GazettE 2007 – 2009

Now and then, the GazettE members wrote  small columns in the jrock magazine SHOXX, called “Red Motel” and these can be found in the FiLE Editions. The texts are originally in Japanese, but I found some translations for you.

The funny thing about Red Motel, is that the topic was determined by the previous GazettE member, so it could be about absolutely anything!

Red Motel #5

Kai - the GazettE


Kai: Santa is a criminal
Hey there~ Hello hello~ f(. . ; Err- this is my first time writing for this corner. Kai here! Happy Merry Christmas! It’s my 5th time celebrating Christmas! Hmm..? AH! (° ? ° ! The year is almost ending! Let’s celebrate, celebrate! Anyway Reita gave me the topic [Don’t you think the fact that Santa Claus actually has 2 criminal offences is too far-fetched? ]

Wha-what the- How am I supposed to answer this?! Lols. Err- I don’t believe that Santa is a two time criminal~, right? Reiitaaa! *hits you* What you’re doing is bad! Don’t try to destroy other people’s dreams, OK! But its the topic I got for today so I guess I have to respond to it! ….Santa! Please stop trespassing into other people’s houses! If you think about it harder- what Santa’s doing is actually trespassing! A criminal act! If you keep doing it, you’d probably get caught in the act one day lol.

Oh and theres that other thing Santa. You din’t get permission to fly in the sky- don’t do that… ( -_-) I mean, you come from somewhere overseas, right? Fly the proper way! Get a proper passport and fly on the commercial airplanes!

Hmm? I just destroyed someone’s dreams? Reiitaa I told youu!!! ….. Ah- this topic is so hard! (^ o ^; Please give me an easier topic next time.

Next up is Ruki! I give him the topic [If I can change the names of the other Gazetto members, they would be…] Isn’t the topic interesting~ Well anyway, the year is ending! Time flies by so quickly! Gazetto met a lot of different kinds of people in this 1 year! And we’re performing at AX next year, it’s going to be a good year~ (^o^) Please come see us perform at AX! I’ll be waiting! See you~ ( ^Q^) /^

Translation source: Gentle lie

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