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The GazetE

The GazetE


To make sure that all people can enjoy our lives and events, we ask everyone in the audience to take notice of the following rules and instructions. The rules apply for every single event of ours, unless otherwise stated on the particular event’s website. We inform people about the rules before lives too, but it’s nevertheless good to read through them carefully beforehand.

People who disregard these rules may be thrown out of the livehouse. Rule breaking may also lead to more serious consequences, such as banning from all JrockSuomi’s future lives and events.


Line up in front of the livehouse before 07:00 am on the day of the live. Helsinki is not the safest city to spend a night outside.

Take pictures, video, or audio recordings. Taking pictures, video or audio recordings without a press pass and possessing said material is a serious breach and may lead to canceling the live as well as further consequences. This also applies for cell phone pictures!

Go backstage or other closed areas. Trying to get to the backstage without a proper pass is forbidden and trying to do so may lead to throwing out of the livehouse and cancellation of the live.

Throw things on stage during the live. If you have presents for the band, you can leave them in present boxes, give them to members of JrockSuomi before or after the live, or give them directly to the band during signing sessions.

Disturb the band or the audience. Having fun with everyone, and having fun at someone else’s expense are two completely different things. Thoughtless behaviour is an easy way to ruin everyone’s evening.


01. Common sense
02. How do I prepare myself for the live?
03. Lining up
04. Littering
05. Jumping the queue and troublemaking
06. Behaving at lives
07. Behaving when you see a musician on the street
08. How about when they’re on stage?
09. Band merchandise
10. Presents for the band
11. Age limits
12. Staff and security officers
13. Information and rumours
14. Inquiries/questions


It’s permitted, even recommended, to use your common sense at lives. Listen to your body and know your own limits. Common sense is very important when so many people gather in one place.


Dressing up. Dress up in comfortable clothes. A tight corset is the worst possible piece of clothing for a live if you plan on going to the first row. Avoid tight, hot clothes. Clothes that are torn or ripped easily and dangerous accessories (such as long studs and the like) should not be a part of a live attire. Dangerous accessories may be removed by the livehouse’s staff.

Food and drink. Make sure you eat and drink enough before the live. Hydration and keeping your blood sugar up is extremely important before a live. Eat and drink well to avoid nausea and fainting while lining up and at the live.

Lining up. Prepare to line up. When a lot of people try to get in at the same time, the cloakroom easily gets jammed and you might have to wait. Everyone will, however, be taken in as quickly as possible, and the live will not be started until everyone is inside. Follow the staff’s advice and everyone gets inside quicker.

Remember earplugs. Without earplugs the loud noise may cause your ears to ring after the live and even long-term tinnitus may occur. Remember to protect your hearing. Earplugs are being sold and sometimes given for free at livehouses.


Lining up before 07:00am on the day of the live is strictly forbidden. Members of the JrockSuomi team will make sure that no-one lines up before 07:00, so there’s no point in even trying.

Do not jump the queue. You also can’t go visit the queue early and go to work or school and then come back to where you visited earlier. The JrockSuomi team members may throw you at the back of the line if you spend more than 45 minutes out of the line, and everyone around you is allowed to let us know if you’re cutting the line or going away for too long a time.

Keep your place in the queue for yourself, because not even the members of JrockSuomi can always solve problems in the queue when everyone’s telling a different story about who’s been where and when.


Especially during lining there is often a lot of littering because of the food and drinks and the like that people consume in the queue. Do not leave garbage on the streets, put them in the bin. We at JrockSuomi also try our best to help everyone out with keeping the streets clean by giving out garbage bags and going through the line collecting people’s garbage. However, keeping your own place clean helps us and gives us time to concentrate on more important matters.

After lining up the streets have often been in extremely shocking condition because of all the garbage people have left on the streets, and if it continues like this we may have to forbid lining entirely in the future.


Don’t disturb other people, ruin other people’s possessions or behave improperly in any other way near the livehouse. Improper behaviour is very harmful for the entire fanbase’s public image. Protect manners. Respect other people, and they will respect you.

Don’t jump the queue. Don’t try to sneak forward in the queue or stand in people’s way, but go straight to the back of the line. The people in the front have most likely lined up for several hours and therefore earned their places.

If you see anyone breaking the rules or making trouble, please let the members of the JrockSuomi team know.


If you can’t take physical pressure, don’t go to the front row. The pressure is the worst in the first row and may be shocking especially for a first-timer. Be careful and aware of your own limits.

Don’t try to force your way to the front. Most likely almost everyone around you is trying to do the same thing, and that results in nothing more than crowding, dehydration and dangerous situations. Listen to the staff when they ask you to take a few steps back – the pressure in the front row can build up to almost perilous heights when several hundred people try to force their way out to the front at the same time.

And the truth is, that you will see better if you stay back – this way, everyone will have room to take their hands down and you don’t have to stare at two hundred arms above everyone’s heads even when the song doesn’t require it.

Pay regard to the people around you. The audience is also responsible for the success of the live. Don’t hurt or disturb other people. In the worst case, ill behaviour may even result to cancellation of the live.


Even though Helsinki is the largest city in Finland, it’s still possible to see members of the bands performing at JrockSuomi’s lives on the streets before or after the live. However, when this happen, everyone should keep in mind a few things – especially the fact that even musicians are just ordinary people outside lives.

If you happen to come across a musician on the street, don’t go running towards them in a hysterical fit. It’s not forbidden to look, and a little whispering and giggling can be flattering, but being hysterical most likely just creeps out the musician.

Please remember that if you see a Japanese musician on the streets of Helsinki, they’re most likely doing one of the following things: going from place A to place B, or spending freetime. It’s of course allowed to greet them, but it’s polite to not try and start a conversation with them, because when they’re moving from place A to place B it’s highly likely that they’re very busy – schedules at overseas tours are almost exceptionally extremely tight. On the other hand, if they’re spending their freetime on the streets, that’s exactly what they’re doing; spending their freetime, rather than holding a signing session in the middle of the street.

Do also keep in mind that the culture in Japan is very different from that of Finland and many other Western countries. In Japan, they respect other people’s privacy extremely much, and even if a fan sees a musician on the streets, most of the time they respect the musician’s privacy so much they might not even show they’ve recognized the musician, not to mention trying to go up to them to talk.


Now, even though the members of these bands often provocate the audience by coming to the very front of the stage and even jumping to the audience and diving, even in these situations everyone should remember to respect the musician’s privacy. You can watch and touch, but there’s a huge difference between touching and groping.

It’s extremely insulting to put your hand in anyone’s private areas, no matter how close the musician comes. We have discussed this issue with some musicians, and some of them have said this is downright embarrassing and awkward. No-one has said they like it, everyone’s said exactly the opposite. So please keep in mind that needless groping at lives is very insulting towards the musician.

Tearing their clothes is also very uncomfortable and might become quite expensive to the band. It’s nice to catch a pick or a drumstick, but forcibly tearing pieces of the musician’s clothes is strictly forbidden. Many of the bands who come to perform overseas use expensive brands and often the clothes are designed for the band personally, so fixing them might become expensive and can be pretty much impossible mid-tour.


Band merchandise is often being sold at lives. The selection can range from CDs to accessories and other tour goods. However, prices and goods vary depending on the band and time, so even the members of JrockSuomi can’t always answer to inquiries about the goods beforehand.

Please also note that the goods may be sold out before the end of the live, especially if the band has had a long tour, because they can bring only a limited number of goods all the way from Japan.


You may bring presents to the band. You can give them to the JrockSuomi team members before or after the live, leave them in present boxes or give them directly to the band during possible signing sessions. Present boxes are usually found near the merchandise table. JrockSuomi takes careful note of delivering every single present to the band.


None of JrockSuomi’s gigs have age limits, unless otherwise stated. At the livehouse there is an area where alcoholic beverages are being sold; however, the legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in Finland is 18, and no-one under 18 years old is allowed to enter these areas. You will need an ID to prove your age to get to the serving area.


Listen to the staff’s advice, especially the security officers. They are there to prevent dangerous situations and make sure that everyone is safe. They have the right to enforce rules and if needed, throw rulebreakers out of the livehouse.

Members of the JrockSuomi team also have the right to throw out rulebreakers, and for example taking pictures of the live without a press pass has often lead to people being thrown out. In the worst case, serious breaking of rules may result in a ban from all future lives of JrockSuomi.


Official information regarding the lives will be found at the organizer’s, JrockSuomi’s, official site. It’s no use to trust rumours, no matter how reliable the source seems. You can always ask the members of JrockSuomi for more information, and this way you will get the newest and most reliable information, because even official information may change sometimes and we can’t always update our site quickly enough.


Questions and inquiries regarding the lives should be directed to JrockSuomi. The livehouse does not take care of organizing the live itself, and its staff cannot answer to all questions regarding the live. The easiest way to get more information is to ask the team members directly or send us an e-mail to jrocksuomi[a]

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