the GazettE SHOXX Red Motel #4

SHOXX EditonTo celebrate the fact that the GazettE is coming to Europe, I intend to share pictures & TEXTS from the SHOXX FiLE Editions 1 & 2, starting from the beginning.

If you like them, then I recommend you to buy the editions. For example at CDJapan:
SHOXX FiLE Edtion.1 | the GazettE 2003 – 2007
SHOXX FiLE Edition.2 | the GazettE 2007 – 2009

Now and then, the GazettE members wrote  small columns in the jrock magazine SHOXX, called “Red Motel” and these can be found in the FiLE Editions. The texts are originally in Japanese, but I found some translations for you.

The funny thing about Red Motel, is that the topic was determined by the previous GazettE member, so it could be about absolutely anything!

Red Motel #4

Reita - the GazettE


Reita: Gazemen’s bad habits!
Hello! Reita here! We’ve reached the 4th entry for for this corner! I’m honoured to be the one writing this 4th entry~ How long will this corner last? What do you think Kai?! … Aaanyway, my topic is [Damn youu!! Expose the band member’s habits!]

I’ll do my best! Well now, if you want to know about habits- Uruha loves to take pictures with his phone… Embarrassing pictures of the band member’s sleeping faces…. Especially Kai’s lol. I think you guys would love to see it, right? Now that we can upload stuffs on our OHP. But I dont think the world can handle it if we exposed those pictures… But how will Kai’s fans react when they see his face without make-up?

Not just Kai, the whole band looks awful without make-up! (-_-); But y’know, we are visual kei! That means we perform in disguise! And even I’ve started to wear a band around my face! So wondering about how we look like without make-up is not a foolish question at all! Please be prepared for all this when you become a VK fan! Those who follow us will receive love two-fold! ( ^Q^)/^ You’re free to take in more love if you’d like lols.

Oh- and there’s that other thing. I heard that a lot of Kai’s fans hate me, eh…?? Is it because I bully him a lot? Or is it because we’re too close? Are you jealous? Are you an idiot?! No matter how you hate me, I’ll never stop bullying Kai!! Why you ask?! Cos Kai wants to be bullied… lol.

Ah- one more thing! I got hurt recently and I got hospitalised for the first time…. I got the band members really really worried. And at that moment, I thought- I want to be with these guys for the rest of my life (^_^) So all of you! Treasure your close friends, OK? And I apologize to Kai’s fans, sorry I said all those strange things before…. Please love me too~ (^0^)/

….Somehow, I think I kinda ignored Aoi’s topic… Next up is our drummer, Kai! The title is [Can you believe that Santa has committed two criminal offences? Isn’t it too far-fetched?] I can’t wait for the answer~!

Translation source: Gentle lie

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