Singing for the GazettE (please spread this)

This idea comes originally  from GazettE Netherlands on Twitter but is spreading on Facebook.

I will do this! Please join!

Singing for The GazettE – World Tour 2013 <— Click this link and join.

And here’s a description of this fan action from the same Event page:

Dear GazettE Fans!

The GazettE World tour

The GazettE World tour

On the occasion of the GazettE world tour we thought about how we could set them a sign!
Especially after their last visit in Europe it seemed like they weren’t that glad of the ‚cohesion‘ oft he fans, rather they were shocked because of the violent readiness of some fans.
I think this year we’ll get the chance to make it better! And we should use this chance to show them, that we wanna see them again! And we wanna show them that the European fans are definitely able to built a unit!

And we have an idea! (okay, originally it’s not our idea, but we wanna make it public! The idea is from here: )
We will sing fort hem! And what we will sing?


We will sing the four lines, which Gazette often let their fans sing!

„Sayonara mata ne genki de ite ne
Zutto zutto wasurenai kara
Sayonara kitto mata aeru yo ne?
Yakusoku da yo! yubikiri genman“

in English:
„Farewell, see you again, be well.
I’ll never never forget
Farewell, we’ll definitely meet again, right?
It’s a promise, we’ll link our little fingers as a sign“

(~> We will sing the JAPANESE one! I added the Translation that everyone can understand, what he will sing! That everybody understand the message we will send to GazettE! ;D)

While we are singing, we will hold hands with each other! It doesn’t matter whether you know the person holding your hand or not!

Let’s do it like the fans in the Decade-version of Wakaremichi. I think most of you should know it, for those who don’t: here is the link:
(because of the fact, that YouTube often delete this video and then someone re-upload it, it could be that the link doesn’t work always. If this is the case it would be really nice if someone could post the actual link so that I can correct it! ;D)

When do we want to sing it?
We planed to sing it before GazettE are leaving the stage. At the end. In the beginning it was planned to do it before the encore, but it would be strange to say goodbye when they should come to the stage again (for the encore).
So when they finally say goodbye. That means, that we don´t have that much time to start. We want them to hear and see us after all. And we want if it´s possible that the whole hall sings. For that we need as much people as possible, who are going to sing with us. And somehow we must find the right tact as fast as possible. It would be the best, if someone starts so that the others can start pretty fast. I´m gonna be in Munich with a few friends. We are a respectable group right now and would be happy if we could get energetic support.
(Among other things we had the idea, to draw attention to us with little kink lights and wave them in tact. Because oft hat you can see when it begins and everyone who wants can wave them too. But don´t forget to hold hands! ;D)

Until now the guys used this song on concerts to send a message to their fans!
Let´s send this message back this time! Let´s show them that we want to see them again! That we can hold side by side to reach that.
In cooperation with admin Saku from we want to try to reach as many people as possible.

PS.: We will try to sing the part in Munich! If visitors of other concerts like this proposal and want to try to transpose this idea, our message would be much bigger.

– Ai –

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