I’m selling my Dir En Grey ticket for half the price

Dir En Grey

Dir En Grey

I’m selling my Dir En Grey ticket for half the price.

This is how it is: I’ve been longing to see Dir En Grey for a long time. I missed their last Euro-tour since I was in Japan back then (ironic hah?), so this time I wanted to make sure to get a ticket. I wanted to see them in Germany, but bought a ticket for the French gig (La Cigale) just in case (I tend to be nervous during ticket releases…)

I managed to get my hand on a german ticket after a while and will discard my french one. I can not afford going to both countries and I prefer Germany since I don’t understand french.

Hence my ticket is for sale for the half price I paid for it (28,60 / 2 = 14,30 EUR)

It’s a digital e-ticket and I know it might feel risky to buy that kind of ticket second hand. But there’s a unique code on it, and if they would discover some kind of fraud (like duplicates of tickets), my name is on the ticket and I would be in trouble. So I’m doing a risk myself. All I can do is to give you my word that this is an honest resell.

Why do I even bother? Well, I think Dir En Grey deserves it. My spot in the audience shouldn’t be empty, and maybe there’s someone out there who simply couldn’t afford to pay the full price. I hope it ends up in the hands of a real Dir En Grey fan.

If you’re interested, send me a mail.

I can send the ticket to you via e-mail, or I can send you a printed version if you don’t have the possibility to print it out yourself.

City: Paris
Place: La Cigale Paris
Date: 13/06/2013

Dir en Grey ticket, La Cigale Paris, 13/06/2013

Dir en Grey ticket, La Cigale Paris, 13/06/2013

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  1. Hope your ticket finds a good home. Not a big Dir En Grey fan but liked some of their music and would take ticket off you if its anywhere near me…..but well, no j-rock for me, instead seeing American punk rock band Green Day tonight in Toronto.

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