Was this a night of horror or what?

I’ve been so nervous about the GazettE ticket-release. Most of all I would like to attend to every gig in Europe, but my economy says no. I settle down with Germany and Finland.

The German tickets were supposed to be released at midnight and the VIP-tickets could only bee purhcased at Me Shop (so I heard), but the server got overburden directly so it was more or less impossible to buy anything there – at least for us Swedes. Sometimes I managed to get so far that I could choose ticket and type in my address, but then there was connection errors after connection errors. After three hours I gave up and bought regular tickets at Konticket instead. No VIP for me in Munich or Dortmund, but I’m happy anyway. (The Me Shop behaves very strangely now too… That’s really not professional at all.)

the GazettE

the GazettE

Then this morning, Finland ticket-release was supposed to start at 9.00 AM Finnish time. That meant 8.00 AM in Sweden. I had put my alarm clock on 8.00 AM, but woke up already at 7.00 AM – which was my golden luck – ’cause apparantly the QUEUING for the ticket sale started at that time. I was lucky and managed to get VIP-tickets for me and a friend.

Gosh…. What an awful night and morning. My nerves… GazettE’s gonna kill me… But I love them so I guess it’s OK… The words on my tombstone:

“Her nerves couldn’t take the GazettE”.

I heard recently that the Finland tickets were all sold out within 2 hours and a friend of mine who stepped into the queue approximately 15 minutes after me didn’t get a VIP, so I guess they were sold out really fast.

the GazettE

the GazettE

Now I just wonder if there’s any benefits for us who are members in PS Company Fanclub, even if we don’t have VIP-tickets in Germany? Anyone who knows? And I sure wonder how many VIPs are out there and when I should start queuing in each city.

So, hope to see you all Sixth Guns in Munich, Dortmund and Helsinki!

Did you get your ticket? Congratulations in that case!!! <3

the GazettE

the GazettE

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  1. “concert ticket for Europe countries will be on sale Apr.10th

    PSC GLOBAL FAN CLUB exclusive
    – GFC members be able to enter one hour before regular tickets.
    – members receive an exclusive gift from GFC.
    Now, the information considering the special bonus will be announced in the GFC soon. Thank you for your patience.

    * We do not sale GFC advance ticket for this concert tour.
    * To purchase the tickets for the concert(s)、Please see the local ticket stores announce.”

    Taken from the official the Gazette’s facebook 🙂

    Fortunately I managed to get a VIP ticket for the live I wanted, and now I just can’t wait! Trying to get the ticket on me-shop was a real horror, but somehow I won. XD I’m coming, Munich!

    • Thanks! And how I envy you who managed to get a ticket via me-shop. For me it was impossible! So I guess, that since I’m a member of the fanclub, I can enter before other people with regular tickets?

      Thanks for the information! I hope you will have a blast!

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