YOHIO interview, “LKPG Just nu”

Broadcasted April 5th 2013. The interview can be seen at following link: Yohio i LKPG just nu







Host: We have a fashionable guest today!

Voice: The singer and composer YOHIO, or Kevin Johio Lucas Rehn Eires which is his real name, is 17 years old and lives in Sundsvall. With pink feathers, a lot of makeup and white, tight leather clothes he dares to do something new and the song Heartbreak Hotel ended up on second place in the Song Contest but won the peoples votes. The album “Break the border” is now released and YOHIO is on a cheered signing tour with thousands of screaming fans.

Host: Hi and welcome YOHIO. Let’s start by congratulating you who has ended up as number one of the journal of sales. We got informed of that today. Congratulations.
YIOHIO: Thanks!

Host: Does it feel real to you?
YOHIO: Well, when I entered the Swedish stage I could never imagine that it would turn out like this. I didn’t think that my thing work out here at all. It was more of an experiment. But it seems to work out well, actually.

Host: You’ve mentioned in earlier inteviews that you actually are pretty shy, so how do you handle this hype and all attention.
YOHIO: I don’t Think that my private self can handle it that good, but as an artist I simply have to be professional. I can’t go up on stage and have stage fear, which I actually have, it disappears as soon as I put on my musician’s mask. I go up on stage and know I must deliver.

Host: So it’s a character you play?
YOHIO: It has tourned out like that. I haven’t planned to create a character who will be in a certain way. I’ve done this since I was approximately fourteen. During the years, I have evolved another personality that shines through when I put makeup on. When I watch myself on interviews I think: ‘Oh, how dare I do this stuff.’

Other guest: Does your character differ a lot from your “real me”?
YOHIO: It enhances parts of me that aren’t that strong to begin with. But it’s still me. I become more pushy and sometimes I even get a little bit cocky, but that really isn’t me at all. If anyone would give me a compliment when I’m the private me, with no makeup, I would look down and blush. I’m really shy to be honest.

Host: It’s impressive that you can step into that role. Your image and music have a pretty clear message. What is it you want to say?
YOHIO:I haven’t planned to have a message. I’ve just said in interviews that I think that everybody should be themselves and don’t care about what other people think. I have never done that. I want people to see where it has lead me who haven’t listened to what other people think that I should do.

Host: Do you think the message reaches people?

YOHIO: It seems to do so very well. It’s such a genuine and spontanious message. It’s something I simply believe should change among people. I haven’t created a character for this purpose; this is my personal values that has reached out to people and that’s amazing.

Host: How do you get aware of that it has reached out to your fans?
YOHIO: In the beginning I got a lot of mails after the Song Contest. People said that I had helped them to be themselves. Parents says on signing sessions: ‘Thanks for doing this for my son’ and such. I get proofs everyday that it works.

Host: What does it feel like; knowing that you can help people in the world?
YOHIO: It gives me strength to keep going. I’ve been touring for almost two weeks now in different cities, had too little sleep and no rest. Body and mind gets exhausted. I have to face thousands of people and smile everyday. I want to do that, but my mind gets all blank afterwards. I just sit on my bed in the tour bus and looks out on nothing, cause I’m so exhausted.

Host: How do you manage to do that?
YOHIO: I know that it matters to each and everyone that I greet and smile at. I can see how happy they get. It makes me keep going. I know it makes a difference. Hence I feel a responsibility to keep doing what I’m doing.

Host: When you’re not YOHIO on stage and inspires all these kids and parents, what do you do? When you are all alone at home.
YOHIO: Oh, that time? *ironic* It’s not so often, but when I get some spare-time I mostly sleep to recover my energy. I like to read a lot. Sometimes I play video games or hang out with my friends which I can’t see that often. And I write novels.

Host: Sounds wonderful. Good and relaxing interests. Good luck with the rest of your tour.
YOHIO: Thank you so much.

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