The upcoming GazettE gigs – manners and common sense

It’s not cool to be rude. It’s cool to be nice!

We have been waiting long for a World Tour by the GazettE and I hope that we all want to make this to a safe and happy experience for everyone.
The band. The staff. And the fans!

the GazettE

the GazettE

I’m soon 33 years old and have been to many concerts in my life. I’ve only listed the jrock-gigs on this blog, but I’ve been to many many more. More than I can count and remember. And I’ve seen all kind of behavior by fans, good and bad.

I’ve seen teenage girls throwing themselves in front of cars to get attention. I’ve seen people beating up each other and leaving the arena with blood all over the faces. I also been close to death myself when I attended to a Marilyn Manson concert back in 1998. Someone found it amusing to crawl upon the audience and I got kicked in the head (by steel toe cap boots). I fainted and woke up under everybody else with no possibility to get up again. Everybody was so eager to squeeze themselves closer to the stage that they decided to ignore me.

Besides one person who noticed me after a while. And I have that person to thank that I’m still alive.

I can also add that a fan died the day before my incident, at the very same festival, during the Courtney Love concert. The girl got run over by crazy fans, just like me, but no one helped her.

With that said, I want to make everyone aware of the fact that respect, rules and orders can be extremely important during gigs. They CAN be dangerous.

It makes me happy that so many people seems to share the wish to give the GazettE a pleasant stay outside Japan. But there will still be – forgive me for saying it – assholes. We still need to spread the word of love and respect ’cause some people simply don’t have the sense to think it out themselves.

It’s not cool to be rude, you just create negative energies. We don’t want the GazettE to meet a wall of negative energies, do we? We want them to feel our love – towards them and between us: the fans.

Be nice to people. Smile. You will share a wonderful memory together!

I will never forget the GazettE gig in Tokyo, ’cause everybody in the audience were SO nice towards eachother. It was a wonderful experience.

Some things to think about:

1. Don’t push yourselves in line
Since there will be tension and nervousness, even small actions can make other people upset or angry. Pushing yourself in line is one thing. Queue with manners. If you’re late, then you have to queue like everybody else with start at the end. You can’t jump into the line next to your friend who has been queuing in hours and think that people behind you won’t get mad at you. Keep that in mind even when you’re queuing for merchandise or signing.

2. Don’t take pictures during the gig
GazettE don’t want to be filmed or photographed when performing, so respect that.

3. Show people around you respect during the concert.
Don’t push or hurt anybody else around you, even if it get chaotic during the gig. People are happy so of course people want to dance and move. I know it can be hard NOT to accidently push someone else, but hey – it’s not so hard to look at that person and say: I’m sorry. If you think that the GazettE will notice you ’cause you push yourself closer to the stage on other peoples cost, well, maybe they will: ’cause they think that you are rude! Ruki hates when people fights or are elbowing in the audience. If you’re a fan, you respect that. There has been moments when fighting occured and Ruki has left stage. We don’t want that to happen. See the documentary below for proofs.

4. Listen when the bandmembers talk about serious stuff
Don’t scream or laugh at the wrong time. At least not when they talk about serious stuff. Listen! I will never forget when Miyavi, during his last gig in Sweden, began to talk about the tsunami disaster in Japan. It was an emotional speak. But in middle of it, some girls in the audience bursted out in laughter ’cause they were talking about something else. It was SO rude. I believe it made Miyavi dissapointed (I could see it in his face and he hasn’t been here since then) and I believe most people in the audience got sad and angry.

5. Don’t grab the band
If you get close to the band, don’t grab them or tear their clothes. They might let you touch them, but let it stay there. They don’t like fans who are pulling them.

6. Don’t hurt people when the band are throwing stuff at you
I know we’re all eager to catch things that are thrown at us from the band, but it’s not OK if you hurt other people in the process. This is a moment during gigs when many people gets injured.

7. Give the GazettE a powerful and unisonal encore!
Because that is what they wan’t. It has occured that they haven’t made any encore ’cause the audicence haven’t been cheerful or unisonal enough. It might seem strange, but remember that we come from a different cultures. When it’s time for encore, keep shouting and keep cheering in rythm with everybody else. The GazettE will love that. You can see an example in the documentary below when the band decided NOT to do an encore because the audience wasn’t unisonal.

8. Show the band respect even after the concert.
Do not stalk them! Don’t try to find their hotel and wait outside. And if there’s a signing session, ask before you take Pictures and such. You know, common sence!

Watch the Nameless Liberty Six Guns Live below and get a hint of what the band appreciates and not! (it’s subbed :-D)

Hope to see you all at the arenas – in peace! <3

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