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I’ve had mixed feelings concerning the GazettE’s tour overseas.

Of course I’m happy. I have been longing for them to come to Europe for ages! But still I’m worried.

Seeing them perform live in Tokyo was such a wonderful experience, and I was amazed of the audience’s behavior as well. SO different from western concerts.

I’ve heard rumors about the GazettE’s last tour outside Japan; that people didn’t behave and that the band got disappointed.

We had to wait long for their comeback.

A very important post has been tweeted by theGazettEの裏 ‏@GazettEnoUra on Twitter and I agree with everything this person says. I’m not alone being worried.

I believe EVERYBODY should read this!

Please, treat the band and other fans with respect! That is what the GazettE needs and wants.
You find the original tweet HERE:

Hi sixth guns,

We hoped it wouldn’t be necessary such a tweet but, unfortunately, really sad rumors reached us about the world tour from fans actually afraid they wouldn’t be able to enjoy the lives. These rumors concern violent or rude actions against fans from different nationalities than the one where the concert will be held (for example: French people against Spanish/etc while in France, German people against Polish/etc while in Germany, etc etc).

Now, we’d like to address to those fans and ask them to think about:
-Do you think it’s fair such a war among fans of the same bad?
-Do you think the GazettE will be happy about it?
-What kind of image do you think the world will have about your country?
-What kind of image do you think the GazettE will have of overseas fans?
We think this will be the main reason why the GazettE’ll decide not to tour outside Japan anymore. Is this really what you want?

We are just a simple fanpage like many others but we do this “work” with passion, passion born from the love we feel (just like you, we suppose) towards this band which is so far away from us.
Disappoint the GazettE so much shouldn’t be the last thing we would like to do? Shouldn’t we prove them how big our love is and that we are all like a big family?

That’s why we ask you to put aside your (unjustified) hostilities against other nationalities.
Wisely speaking, this is how real wars begin, isn’t it? How would you feel if you’ll badly hurt one of the fans and they’ll need to go to the hospital?? Would you be proud? Could you still go on after that?
We’d like to ask you to really think what this tour means to ALL of us and that the most important thing is to behave correctly towards everyone, not only the band.
Please keep in mind that what the GazettE itself cares the most is that NOBODY gets hurt during lives. Ruki rebuked even Japanese fans for that, what will he think of overseas fans? Do you think they won’t see it from the stage? They can see the crowd very clearly.
Do you really want to see disappointment on their faces just like in 2007?
We would like them to think “Ah, it’s really not bad performing overseas!” and that they would like to perform again overseas, not because we ask them but because they want to.
Do you want to blow up our only chance (after waiting SO MUCH time) to make a good impression? They’re giving us a second chance after 2007, we shouldn’t waste it.

We’d like to finally have fun with them without being “forced” to go to Japan for this. That’s why we hope the rumors reached us will not be true in the end.
If they are, I really hope you’ll change your mind because this is not a war among fans from different countries. On the contrary, it’s a chance to connect everyone and prove we are ALL worth of this band and to help each other.

This quote:
“It was too painful to see disappointment on Ruki’s face that day.” (speaking of 2007 live) from this tumblr:
really broke our heart.

Please, just think about having fun with the band and let’s help each other for once. We waited so much for this opportunity and for this tour.

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