All GazettE-fans should read this!

This is a follow-up to the post: Important message to all Gazette fans outside Japan.

The tweet contained a link to a text written by a person who witnessed the violence and bad behavior between fans during the GazettE’s last visit in Europe year 2007.

It should be read by all GazettE-fans!

So in case anyone didn’t click the link, please read this.


Desperate message from a desperate fan.

A message for those who are going to attend to The Gazette world tour in 2013

First of all, forgive my english, not native speaker, surely there will be many mistakes~.
I dunno if many of you will read this, but I hope that those who will, will hear me.
I was there that time. I was there, the first time Gazette came to Europe in 2007. It was the first time I saw them, but it was also the worst live I’ve ever did.

Why ?

Because there was no love during this live. I mean, between fans.
I attended to, like, 20 or 30 lives since and I’ve never, never seen again such violence and hate at any of them but this Gazette’s one in 2007. And when I think of this, I feel really sad, I mean, deeply. That’s hurt a lot.
I know that most of people who were also there that day (or at any lives of this tour) will agree with me when i say that I really don’t want this to happen again.

Gazette is like a family for us right ? And band members also consider us as their family (I think so…). I know that everyone wants the first row, me including ! But does it worth fight like savage for it when Gazemen will see us like wild animals fighting for a peace of meat ?

They never said it clearly because they can’t but I know they didn’t enjoy their first oversea tour. If they did, they would have came back earlier for sure.

They’re are coming back this time, because a lot foreign fans ask them to do so. They don’t want to ignore us anymore. So I don’t want them to be disappointed again. It was too painful to see disappointment on Ruki’s face that day. They’re giving us a second chance, so please, let show to Gazette that we love them and we love each others, show them that we are worthing it, or they will never come back again.

I’m not judging anyone. I’m not trying to be like a “fan leader”, this is definitly not me.
I just want to warm people.

I love Gaze fandom, you’re part of my life, we share a lot even if we don’t know each others personally. We have the same love for a band and it’s killing me to think about seeing us fighting on this next world tour.
I’m just so desperate about it that I had to tell this to many people as I can . Sorry about that.
I’ve could have wrote more about it but I hope this will be enough for you to understand my feelings.

I hugely thanks those who took the time to read this, it means a lot to me.

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  1. It’s not just the fans. The guys need to understand that it’s a completely different culture as well…

  2. I agree that the guys need to understand that it’s a different culture, but also the fans need to realize that because the Gazette are also from a different country, they are probably not used to our behaviors during concerts. Fans should also try to be more respectful and welcoming to the Gazette and make them feel more at home in a foreign country. No matter how much we want to be “front row and center” we should feel privileged to even BE there at all. There are some fans who, despite the fact that the Gazette are in North America, are still unable to attend the concerts because Mexico and Brazil are still TOO far away from where they live and we still have to wait for that day that we will be able to see them. All the fans are there for one purpose: to see and hear the Gazette LIVE! 🙂

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