A shy YOHIO puts effort in making the world to a better place (translated article)

[Note: The original article was published Mars 27th]

”I’m not greedy for power, but if you want to be able to do good things, you need power. ” says YOHIO concerning his wish to make a change.

Shy YOHIO puts effort in making the world to a better place

Soon the solodebut ”Break the border” will be released, he will be featured in a documentary and a Sweden tour awaits next fall. Behind the scenes, YOHIO is a totally different person from that cocky boy we have seen in the Swedish Song Contest.
– I’m actually shy and anti-social.

He got a breakthrough in the Swedish Song Contest and won the peoples’ votes, dressed in tight white leather clothes and pink feathers.

YOHIO is not afraid of big gestures on stage. In private he’s totally different. The cocky boy becomes a quite shy person without makeup and stage-clothes.

– I don’t want to be around people, just want to sit in my apartment alone or with my friends.



To be able to perform on stage, YOHIO has created a stage-character. The transformation to the public YOHIO comes with the clothes and the makeup. He chose a song that would fit the Swedish Song Contest in order to make the audience open-minded about his choice of clothing. “Heartbreak Hotel” has more of a western sound than his other songs. On the solodebut “Break the border”, he mixes dubstep, growl and ballads with a touch of Japan.

– I’m not limited to one single genre. I do everything. Some of my new fans might be shocked when they listen to this album. This album shows what I do for real. Take it or leave it. I will not be “Song-Contest-YOHIO” forever, he says.

This spring, his fans will be able to follow his everyday-life in a new documentary that will be broadcasted on SVT play. The show will focus on YOHIO’s childhood and his relation to his dad. It’s divided into 8 episodes, each 10 minutes long and will have premiere on SVT’s web April 23rd.

YOHIO has a clear goal with his music: next generation must become smarter than his own. He disagree with the main values within western music and thinks of USA as a scapegoat.

– Degradation of women, outrageous sexuality and romantizisation of drugs. Get rid of that and we will have a better generation.

YOHIO notices that his message – that everybody should be accepted for who they are – reaches people. It got extra clear when he met som 10 years old fans back at home in Sundsvall.

– They talked about everything that I represent. I got surprised how smart they were, he says and continues: – I have my little fighters out there who helps me to spread the message.

In long term he wish to get influence within politics and be able to change the society. But he can’t imagine himself becoming a politician.

– I don’t fit in in the World of politics, in a party. I would not be able to stand that kind of job in the long term.

Lives in Sundsvall
Age: 17 years old.
Lives: In Sundsvall
Background: Guitarplayer in the Visual Kei-band Seremedy. Ended up on second place in the Swedish Song Contest earlier this year with the song “Heartbreak Hotel”.
Present: Debutalbum “Break the border”, Tv-show and Sweden tour in fall.

YOHIO about…
… when the stage-character meets the friends:
– One of my friends says: ‘I hate when that’rockstar-YOHIO’ shows up. I like the ordinary guy.’ They support me, but prefer to spend time with the real me.

… not showing your private self in public:
– “My private self is private. People should leave it alone.”

… his inner drive:
– When I was young and started to do different things and notised that people couldn’t take it the right way. I saw bullying everywhere.

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