Girly Gackt and S.E.X. JAPAN

Last year, a friend of mine went to the Camui Gakuen show in Tokyo. She’s a bigger Gackt-fan than me, but oh, do I envy her? ^^

In this Camui G. School they were dressed up as the popular AKB48 group. Apparantly they also dressed up as X-Japan, but called themselves (of course – we’re talking about Gackt, aren’t we) “S.E.X – Japan“. (Can you imagine a big crowd in front of Gackt-sama yelling: “WE ARE S**” ^_-

Well, here are some pictures from the show. The first ones are some scans I’ve taken from “Fools Mate” (February 2013). Some of us obviosuly has to settle down with pictures… ^_- (And Shou was there… gah… I want to see him LIVE! And take a look at those stockings Gackt are wearing… *rawr*)

And som more Pictures since we all love Gackt…

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  1. Nice one GACKT. S.E.X Japan! 😀 He must have got YOSHIKI’s permission. S.K.I.N connection. I want to see S.K.I.N live (Can I?). Once some fan has asked Gackt about re-united S.K.I.N. He said ‘Ask YOSHIKI! Maybe all member are too busy to do again together, though’ Gackt might be right.

    • Probably he needed Yoshiki’s permission! I Believe they are friends. ^^ S.K.I.N. never released any album right? I wonder how they managed to work together… So many members that probably all have leader qualities…

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