the GazettE SHOXX Gallery #1

Shoxx file editions - the GazettE

Shoxx file editions – the GazettE

I’m so happy that the GazettE will come to Europe and I feel like celebrating!
So let’s do so with a visual journey through their career.

When I was in Japan last time, I bought two boxes in the jrock-record store at Laforet (between Takeshita Street and Harajuku Street). I had no idea what they contained since they couldn’t be opened and I couldn’t speak Japanese and the cashier couldn’t speak English. But I took a risk and bought them anyway.

It turned out that they contained collection books with all GazettE articles from the Magazine Shoxx from year 2003 to 2009. That was a good purchase I believe. 🙂

So I thought I would share the pictures with you, now and then, starting from the beginning.

Back in 2003, Ruki was only 21 years old, Kai, Reita and Uruha was 22 and Aoi was 24.

If you like the pictures, I recommend you to buy these colletions yourself. It’s very beautiful pictures.

SHOXX Vol. 123 2003.3.21

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