Amazing duet with Atsushi Sakurai & Takanori Nishikawa

This performance is SO epic…

Atsushi Sakurai & Abingdon boys school performs the song “Doresu” (Dress) together. It’s originally a song by Buck-tick (Atsushi is singer in Buck-tick) that Abingdon boys school made a cover of. And here they perform it TOGETHER. I’m not sure, but I think this clip is from 2010.

T.M. Revolution

Takanori Nishikawa a.k.a T.M. Revolution

In the beginning, Takanori Nishikawa (a.k.a. T. M. Revolution) sings by himself, and that’s so beautiful. But after a while, Atsushi enters the stage and at this points I get chills!

Wow… Two beautiful men performs a beautiful song together. Their voices are amazing, even though I think that Atsushi’s voice are a little bit more unique. And damn, he’s handsome. Still.

Such powerful duet. WOW!

Who do you think shines the most…? ^_-

Atsushi looks so tall… and he is tall for being a Japanese: 177 centimeter!

Watch the original here. Atsushi is really beautiful and androgynous in this PV. (Except when his face gets distorted behind the ice… ^_-)
Let’s go back to year 1993…

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Formed: 1983

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Sakurai Atsushi
(櫻井 敦司)
Vocal: Sakurai Atsushi (櫻井 敦司) (BUCK-TICK)
template-cakeMarch 7th 1966
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Imai Hisashi
(今井 寿)
Guitar: Imai Hisashi (今井 寿)(BUCK-TICK)
template-cakeOct 21st 1965
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Hoshino Hidehiko
(星野 英彦)
Guitar: Hoshino Hidehiko (星野 英彦) (BUCK-TICK)
template-cakeJune 16th 1966
Higuchi Yutaka
(樋口 豊)
Bass: Higuchi Yutaka (樋口 豊) (BUCK-TICK)
template-cakeJan 24th 1967
Yagami Toll
Dums: Yagami Toll (ヤガミ・トール) (BUCK-TICK)
template-cakeAug 19th 1962

Member History

Former members:

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