A song I love: Dozing Green with Dir En Grey

I’m a big fan of Dir En Grey. That’s a band that I really feel that I HAVE TO see live, at least once, before I die. Kyo might be tiny, all 14 centimeters shorter than me, but in my eyes he’s among the greatest. ^^

Kyo - Dir En Grey

Kyo – Dir En Grey

This song is just so… uh… I have no words for it. I love it. Love it, love it, love it! It’s so powerful.

When I listen to it, I get filled by this rough and aggressive energy – very suitable to gain before difficult situations in life when you have to be strong and hard. When I say aggressive, I don’t mean violent, I mean being stable and demanding.

I actually prefer this live version of “Dozing Green”. Kyo is so intense and immersed in his singing.

The best part starts at 3.10 when the music calms down… you relax for a bit… your pulse gets slower… beautiful guitar playing… mmmm… and suddenly Kyo bursts out in heartrending screams followed by really dark growling. This part is so oooh and so aaah… You can feel his despair. If you could marry a song!!!

Kyo has written the lyrics himself and the single was released October, 2007.

If you haven’t heard it – just listen to it. Please.

And here’s the real promotion video to Dozing Green. This version is good too, but doesn’t affect me in the same way. The growling is not as dark in this studio version.


Lyrics to Dozing Green

Lyrics translated into English

Mesmerized by those eyes with bugs crawling on them, my breathing stops
My heart calms itself
The refreshing sun mixes in with sound of the rain

My slashed heart dances, and I question in vain
The white voice, the leaking of the breath in the sun

The obscene exposure of the wound
Disappears into nothing, the wind of dogma
Your melting heart

The dark morning, echoing goodbye

My slashed heart dances, and I question in vain
I just want to be alone right now

A single season of spring, even the tearful neck and you crawling the earth

Love me

Abandon hope

Lyrics in roman letters

Mushi kuu hitomi ni miserare iki tojiru
Nade oroshita kokoro ga porori
Sugasugashii taiyou ga
Ameoto zararigurari mazatte

Saketa mune odorase munashisa ni tou
Shiroi koe moreru iki In The Sun

Midara ni aketa kizuguchi
Mu to kie naru Dogma no kaze
Tokedasu kimi no shinzou

Usugurai asa, hibiku sayonara

Saketa mune odorase munashisa ni tou
Tadaima wa hitori de itai

Ichirin no haru, namida moroi kubi to chi o hau kimi sae

Love Me

Abandon Hope

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Debut: February 1997

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Vocal: kyo (京)
Vocal: kyo (京) (Dir En Grey)
template-cakeFeb 16th 1976
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Guitar: Kaoru (薫)
Guitar: Kaoru (薫) (Dir En Grey)
template-cakeFeb 17th 1974
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Guitar: Die
Guitar: Die (Dir En Grey)
template-cakeDec 20th 1974
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Bass: Toshiya
Bass: Toshiya (Dir En Grey)
template-cakeMarch 31st 1977
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Drums: Shinya
Drums: Shinya (Dir En Grey)
template-cakeFeb 24th 1978
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Member History


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