Girl flashing train

I stumbled upon this picture on the internet for the first time 2009 and though: “WHAT THE F***!”

I knew about the otaku phenomena in Japan and the moe-fetish. I knew I would face a lot of weird things that day I went to Japan; many things that a person from the western world would consider as inappropriate or even as public “light-porn”. But this was just too much. A little girl with a railway between her legs?

Japanese girl flashes train

Japanese girl flashes train

For a long time I didn’t know that these pictures were fake. This monument does NOT exist. But I must say it’s a pretty good job in Photoshop and to be honest – it wouldn’t surprise me nowadays if she actually existed… ^^ Japan is a very strange land. That’s why it fascinates me so much. And that’s why I love it. ^^

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