Red and black uniforms with DIAURA

A new PV with DIAURA: Taidou!

Not bad. Actually, I like it more and more every time I listen to it.

I like the choir-like sounds and riffs. And the video, it’s really visually pleasant. Red is hot. Black is hot. And uniforms is hot. Take a look and a listen!

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Tatsuya Tatsuya Tatsuya: A Tatsuya: March 28th

Member History

  • Vo. yo-ka → Icy. → Megamasso(roadie) → Marely, → Valluna → DIAURA
  • Gt. Kei → Bunny drug → ADOLF → CRIMSON → CRIMSON, nijiirogekka → Valluna(Kei) → DIAURA
  • Ba. Shoya → Dizly(Yukihito) → DIAURA(support/Shoya) → DIAURA
  • Dr. Tatsuya  → LERISE → まりお★ねっと → DIS★Marionette → Gakudan Hitori(support) → Ronove → POPCORE(support) → DIAURA(support) → DIAURA

Former members:

  • Dr. Yuu → Marely,(support) → Marely,(aya) → Valluna(Yuu) → DIAURA(support) → DIAURA → ?

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