Japanese invention makes it possible to hug yourself



Japaneses and their inventions… I don’t what to say except that I love it.

This is crazy and at the same time so adorable. In a society where human relationships for a long time have been a luxury, machines and toys have been created to fill these gaps of loneliness.

This invention got attention in media back in 2011 and consists of two parts: a west and a disembodied “sense-roid” torso. You put the west on and hugs the torso. Sensors in the torso interpret and mimic your hug in real time by creating pressure and vibrations in the west.

It’s said that human contact has a very much positive effect on people, that it’s important for our well-being to be touched, hugged and kissed. But must it necessary be done by another person? Can we access these positive feelings via a machine?

The inventor behind this west has also invented a kiss transmission device…

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