YOHIO got an ultimatum (translated interview)

Note from me: This is for foreign fans who might not so easily get their hands on translated material about YOHIO. If you are a non-Swedish YOHIO-fan and want a certain article or video translated, just send it to me and I’ll see what I can do.

This interview was published in TTSpektra February 1st.

(Observe that the translation might not be exact, word for word. I translate according to how I think it would be expressed in English from start.)



YOHIO got an ultimatum

He wanted to compose his own song, but got a typical pop song by the record company. YOHIO, only 17 years old, has already become known in public with his glamorous pop metal, inspired by the Japanese genre visual kei. When the contributions of the competition’s first part were broadcasted, YOHIO’s “Heartbreak Hotel” aroused certain attention since its sound was so different from his earlier work.

YOHIO and his band Seremedy writes their own songs, but in the Song Contest, YOHIO performs with a song that he has created with four experienced pop-hit composers*. It’s not a dream scenario for YOHIO. Most of all, he wanted to compose his own song.

TTSpektra: Why weren’t you allowed to write your own song?

– That’s how it works when you haven’t become famous yet. You get a bigger chance to become one of the competitors if you’re willing to cooperate.

TTSpektra: Was it a request from the record company?

– It was like; either we go on with this or not at all. And I thought: let’s go.

* My note: It’s hard to translate this, but it concerns a group of composers that compose songs with a suitable sound for the Eurovision song contest; catchy and simple.

Seremedy on Facebook
Seremedy at Universal
Yohio Seremedy on Facebook
YOHIO Offical on Facebook

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