Japanese Toilets #2 – The robot toilet

In a previous post, I told you about squat toilets. *yuck* Let’s forget about them, OK?

Following toilets looks more like the ones we are used to here in the western world, but they are much much cooler! It’s understandable though, that people used to squat toilets find it hard to understand how to use a “regular” toilet. Therefore you can find signs like these:

The toilets I like is the ones with control panels and they are almost everywhere in Japan. I can’t understand why we haven’t adapted this phenomenon in the rest of the world… I wonder if I can order one to Sweden?

Japanese toilet with wireless controlpanel

Japanese toilet with wireless control panel

Usually the toilet seat gets automatically heated up when you enter the bathroom. You don’t realize how nice this is before you’ve experienced it. After this overwhelming experience, you will never look at you own old toilet at home as you used to. ^_-

Japanese toilet

Japanese toilet

Via the dashboard you can control a lot of things, like the heat, direction and pressure of the bidet function. When you activate the bidet function, a wash nozzle is extended right under the seat behind you and squirts water.


Wash nozzle

You can control its angle, which is preferable for women. When you press the off-button, the nozzle will retract back into the toilet seat for hygienic reasons. With the bidet-feature, you don’t need to use as mush paper as usually (which I suppose is good for Mother Nature – and the fact that Japanese toilet paper is absolutely useless) and you will never feel as clean as when you leave a Japanese toilet. ^_-

Japanese toilet control panels

There’s also mostly a lot of other various functions; like simulated “flush” sounds so you can cover up whatever sounds you make yourself. There are sometimes build in music players that play relaxing music to calm you down (and hence help you do your business I guess). Some brands offer you to listen to a few phrases of “Op. 62 Nr. 6 Frühlingslied“ by Felix Mendelssohn for instance.

The cover-up sound seems to be extra common in public women’s rooms. The device that makes the sound is called Otohime which approximately means “Sound Princess”. Some of these devices have buttons and some are triggered when you wave your hand in front of it.

Let's put on some music....

Let’s put on some music….

Some toilets flush automatically when you stand up, so you don’t need to press any dirty buttons. This is a very hygienic feature as well. It might even close the lid for you (no slamming). There are also features like automatic air deodorizing that eliminate smells and a germ-resistant surface.

Some toilets glow in the dark in case you won’t find the lighting button or if it’s broken.

There are some really “smart” toilets with some sort of adapting artificial intelligence. It registers the times of the day when the toilet usually gets used. Hence it can save power during other periods and only heat the seat when a human is likely to use it. There might even be built-in sensors that detect if someone is standing in front of the toilet, which activate an automatic rising of the lid. I truly don’t know how this works, but if you’re standing in front of the toilet, with your back towards it – it only raises the lid. But if you’re standing in front of it – facing it (usually men who likes to do their business standing), both the lid and the seat are raised.

Smart Japanese Toilet

Smart Japanese Toilet

Smart toilets! I wonder when they will take over the world.

There’s also toilets especially designed for old people who have problem getting up from it. The seat raises and kind of tips the person forward. I’ve seen chairs with this feature here in Sweden, but never as a built-in function in a toilet.

Electric raised toilet seat for elderly

Electric raised toilet seat for elderly

Well, I must say that Japan is a land of wonders, and something as simple as visiting the toilet might make you feel like you’re entering a totally different realm. ^^

Western people loves Japanese toilets

Western people loves Japanese toilets

Western people loves Japanese toilets

Western people loves Japanese toilets

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