“They call us weird queers” – YOHIO in Seremedy (translated interview)

Most people nowadays knows YOHIO as a solo artist. But he’s also guitarist in the Swedish visual kei band “Seremedy”. Here follows a translation of a very old interview with the band that was published April 4th 2011 in the Swedish magazine Aftonbladet. You can read the original here.

Even though YOHIO makes a solo carrier, Seremedy is still active as a band.

Observe that the translation might not be exact, word for word. I translate according to how I think it would be expressed in English originally.

“They call us weird queers”

– I really don’t care about what people think and no one else in the band do so it either, says Yohio.



This is Seremedy: From the left: Bass: Jenziih Guitar: Ray Vocals: Seike Drums: Linder Guitar: Yohio

Yohio is 15 years old, dresses up like a Japanese doll – and have recently got a record contract.
The metal-band Seremedy from Sundsvall enters a stage that has been closed since Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust got retired.
– They call us weird queers, says Yohio.


Name: Yohio
Age: 15
Lives in: Sundsvall
Profession: musician
Family: Mother, father and two little sisters.
His father works at the record company Ninetone records.
Topical: Will release the EP “Seasons will change” April 13th. Will go for a tour in Japan April 22nd. Will perform at Sonic rock circus at ”Klubben, Fryshuset” in Stockholm April 9th.

Things starts to move fast for the young band Seremedy. With their eye-catching style and melodic metal, they are ready to make Sweden bat an eyelid. They have just got a record contract and their first EP “Seasons will change” will be released in the middle of April. Now awaits a tour in Japan – if not the circumstances concerning the nuclear reactors get worse.
– I’m so happy, my dream has come true so soon. It so many things going on right now and it’s very stressful, but it’s a positive stress, says Yohio, the guitarist in the band.

Doesn’t have time for school
Yohio is only 15 years old, but an acknowledged guitar-talent and composer in the band. At the moment, he has taken a break from school so he can focus on the music.
– I don’t have time for school right now, the band is more important. The teachers are a bit grumpy at me, but I only go there when it’s time for national tests, he says.

The music that Seremedy has created so far is described as ”metal-pop’ish” by Yohio. But he’s very concerned to explain that they won’t get stuck in a certain category.
– We want to mix our music. We can deliver a death-song as well as a pop-song, he says.
The special style with the makeup, the hair and the clothes are inspired by the alternative Japanese rock-scene and is an equally important part of the band as their music.
– We call it visual rock. We don’t want to enter the stage in t-shirt, loose hair and just stand there headbanging, it’s not our thing. We want to deliver a whole package, more than just music. It’s supposed to be interesting to watch us, says Yohio.

Performing in Russia
Even though Seremedy only has existed for a year, they have already done several gigs in Sweden and got time to perform in Russia. They have already gained a loyal group of fans.
– It’s because of how we look and the fact that we promote ourselves quite intensively, a mix of our music and our style. The fact that Seike and Jenzii already were famous on the webpage Emocore.se before they joined the band has been beneficial as well.
They have fans all over the world and Yohio gets a lot of fanmails – and it doesn’t concern him that boys write as often as girls do. Yohio describes the major part of their fanbase as alternative people in ages between 13 to 17.
– The people who likes us, also likes Tokio Hotel. I guess Tokio Hotel does their thing and does it successfully, but it’s not my cup of tea, he says.

“Started to wear makeup in 6th grade”
To compare Seremedy and Tokio Hotel is actually easy to do. Both bands are young, are influenced by Japan and challenges the gender-stereotypes, but Yohio doesn’t find the comparison adequate at all.

– You can’t blame those who compare us with them, but in reality we are not so alike. Except that the singer wears some makeup. Our musical sound are not the same at all. They are not as extreme as we are, says Yohio.

It sure must require some balls to enter a stage dressed up in a Japanese dress?

– I have never cared for what other people think. I went in 6th grade when I started to listen to this kind of music. At that time I wore makeup and extreme clothes sometimes. It was not like people accepted me, but I didn’t care a bit. Nowadays I wear more normal clothes. When you work a lot with hair and makeup in the band, it becomes more like a job.

Do you have to watch Anime to like your music?

– Anyone can enjoy our music. But to be able to accept and understand our visual style, there might be a need for some knowledge concerning Japanese culture. People who have no clue about this thinks that we are weird queers.

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