“Pretty-tax” in Japan

This is a translation of an article in the Swedish newspaper “Aftonbladet”. It was published Mars 8th and you can find the original here: Förslaget: snyggskatt för män i Japan

The proposition: to introduce a penalty tax for pretty men in Japan

The Japanese professor Morinaga Takuri claims to know how to solve the problem with Japan’s decreasing number of childbirths. He wants to establish a penalty tax for men that are pretty.

– This will make it easier for ugly men to find love, says the professor.

Japan’s low rate of childbirths affect’s the country’s economics. (See my post Sex in Japan) But according to the site Japan Crush, Morinaga Takuro – professor in economics and famous from TV – claims to have the solution to the problem: a penalty tax for handsome men!

Japanese men

Japanese men

“A love-gap”
Takuro says that Japan’s problem not mainly has to do with the increasing gaps concerning welfare or differences in income; rather it’s based on a “love-gap”. The professor claims that “ordinary men” doesn’t get as high income as handsome men, and women finds rich men more appealing and cool.

– That love-gap is the reason behind the dropping birthrate, says Morinaga Takuro.

In other words, Takuro thinks that pretty, cool and attractive men should pay for it.

Morinaga Takuri

Morinaga Takuro

A panel of women
– If we establish a pretty-tax for men that look good, to correct this injustice, then it will be easier for ugly men to find love and the number of people getting married will increase, says Morinaga Takuro according to Japan Crush.

– Ugly men will become richer and hence more attractive to women.

Eventually, this will result in more children getting born.
According to the professor’s proposition, a panel of randomly chosen women will judge which men that are pretty enough to pay the penalty tax.

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