A band that is quite new but that I really, really like is GRIEVA.



There’s a lot of Dir En Grey-spirit in both their sound and visual style; the early Dir En Grey so to speak. I can’t say that I find anything specifically unique in either their music or videos, but that doesn’t matter as long as I like it, right? I’m a big Dir En Grey fan and hence it’s not that strange that I find GRIEVA appealing as well. According to an interview, they claim themselves being strongly influenced by Dir En Grey, so it wasn’t a surprise.

The band was formed in July 2012. Everybody was former members of the band RELOAD. They had their first album release in February, called “oni to kage” (It’s sooo great – you just got to listen to it!).

This is a band that I truly, truly would love to see live and I hope I’ll get the chance one day.


Vocal: Kyouki
Guitar: Roku
Guitar: Haru
Bass: Hisame
Drums: Rui



They’ve recently released a full video version of the song “蜥-tokage” where Kyouki REALLY reminds me of an early Kyo. It also made me realize that I haven’t mentioned this wonderful band in this blog yet, so it’s about time, ne? I just love this video…

グリーヴァ (Grieva) – 蜥-tokage- (PV)

GRIEVA is a band that I really hope is here to stay, so give them your support!

GRIEVA Official site
GRIEVA Fanpage on Facebook
If this is appealing to you, I recommend you to watch the following PV and live performance as well:

グリーヴァ (Grieva) – Dead[en]D (PV)

Grieva (グリーヴァ) – 退廃的狂葬 (Taihaiteki kyousou) Live PV

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