Mixed-up the TV-shows (interview with YOHIO’s father)

See the original interview at Nöjesbladet” (Mars 11th 2013)

Note from me: This is for foreign fans who might not so easily get their hands on translated material about YOHIO. If you are a non-Swedish YOHIO-fan and want a certain article or video translated, just send it to me and I’ll see what i can do.

This interview is s a follow up on the post “I was a guy who wore a dress.” and explains the mix-up between the shows “Skavlan” and “Efter tio”.

(Observe that this interview is translated by me according to my way of interpreting it.)

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YOHIO and his father

YOHIO and his father

YOHIO refused to wear a dress in the TV-show “Efter tio”.

This fall when YOHIO was a guest in the TV Show “Efter tio”, the editorial staff wanted him to wear a dress – but he refused.
– They were about to cancel the show if he didn’t wore a dress, says YOHIO’s father and manager Tommy Rehn.

In a big interview with “Nöjesbladet” before the finale in the Song Contest, YOHIO mentioned that he was forced to wear a dress in “Skavlan” (a popular TV-show in Sweden). But YOHIO took it back since he accidentally mixed up different programs. That request did not concern Skavlan after all.

– Aftonbladet (one of the biggest evening papers in Sweden) have quoted YOHIO correctly. He is 17 years old and has been stressed up this week. He simply remembered it all wrong, says Tommy Rehn to Nöjesbladet.

– Actually, it was in the TV-show “Efter tio” on Channel 4 that YOHIO was demanded to wear a dress, but he gave them a definite NO.

– They were extremely opinionated. But we stood strong since he didn’t want it himself, says Tommy Rehn.

Threatened to cancel
When YOHIO didn’t want to change his decision, the editorial staff threatened that he wouldn’t be a part of the show at all.

– There were a lot of discussions. They said that maybe the show would be less interesting if he didn’t wear a dress and in that case they had to cancel.

But eventually, the editorial staff had to give in – and YOHIO could be a part of it in his regular clothes. The reason behind their requests concerning YOHIO wearing a dress was to talk about his visual style “visual kei” that can be described as the Japanese equivalence to glam rock.

– It concerns a lot of hair, colors and makeup. Only a small part of it concerns wearing a dress. We explained to them that the dress wasn’t the whole thing, says Tommy Rhen.

And continues with:

– There was so much focus in media of him as ”that guy in a dress”. It didn’t show a justified picture of his style.

Respected his decision
The show host Malou von Sivers, 60, says to Nöjesbladet that the editorial staff respected YOHIO’s decision to not wear a dress.

– Alot of artists choose to come dressed as their show characters. That’s not uncommon. But YOHIO was very clear when he said that he didn’t want to wear a dress. And we respected that, she says.


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