“I was a guy who wore a dress.” (translated interview with YOHIO)

Read the original interview in “Nöjesbladet” (Mars 9th 2013)

Note from me: It turned out later that YOHIO had mixed up two TV-shows due to a lot of stress and exhaustion. He was not forced to wear a dress in “Skavlan” (a very popular TV-show in Sweden), as this interview says. It concerned another show. You will get more information in an upcoming post.

(Observe that this interview is translated by me according to my way of interpreting it.)

YOHIO at Skavlan

YOHIO at Skavlan

Oktober 2012.

Yohio sat down on a chair next to Leif GW Persson (Well-known criminologist in Sweden) in the studio of ”Skavlan”.
He is dressed in a white dress and has flowers in his hair.
This is his first great TV-interview with a million of viewers.

– It felt like all questions just concerned me wearing a dress. I just became “that guy who wears a dress and can speak Japanese”. People didn’t know what I worked with but the whole thing with this part of the show was the fact that I was a guy, that I wore a dress and that I wasn’t homosexual.

When you recall the interview, do you wish that you would have dressed differently?

– I was not allowed to. I had to be there in a dress.

So Skavlan could ask you questions about it?

– Yes, that was the whole point. Otherwise there wouldn’t be any show. But we thought it was more important that I attended and got a chance to introduce myself for two million viewers. Thanks to this show, Christer Björkman (the supervisor of Sweden’s greatest song contest) noticed me and wanted me to compete in the song contest. I did this to break through in Sweden, but now I have the power to decide myself what to say and how to dress. I do not obey to anyone.

YOHIO at Skavlan

YOHIO at Skavlan

At the Skavlan editorial staff, the point of view is different.

– This is not true. We would never pressure anyone concerning their clothes. Not even in YOHIO’s case. On the contrary, we got the impression that the makeup and dressing-up process was very important to YOHIO’s team. They even asked for permission to bring their own tv-team to document the transformation, says Ales Ree, editor for Skavlan, in a mail to Nöjesbladet.

How have your time in Karlskrona been after your success in the contest?

– A lot of work, as usual. I haven’t had a day off since then.

Don’t you ever feel that you just want to turn it all off.

– Of course, I’m extremely exhausted. I only sleep three hours at night. I don’t think people understand how exhausting it is for body and mind to be an artist.

Three hours? You should look like a zombie.

– Sometimes I do, when I’m at home and hardly have slept at all and goes to the studio newly awakened. Those times I’m pretty ”dead”. I slept four hours this night, but I must keep my spirit up. I just have to ignore the fatigue.

Do you have a girldfriend?

– No.

Are you looking for love?

– Not at the moment, I don’t have time for that. She would never see me and I would never have time to talk to her. I don’t think many girls would like that.

In the future, do you want a wife, kids and house in Sundsvall?

– Never in Sundsvall, we’ll see if it even will be in Sweden. I want a wife and kids, but not yet.

You have chosen to distance yourself from everything that concerns the traditional rock star life with hard partying. Why?

– I don’t romanticize drugs or alcohol since it damages your body. If I’m a role model for a lot of young people and if I would think that it’s OK to use it – then they will think so to. That’s exactly what have happened with disgusting American musicians that gives a romanticized picture of having a lot of women, having sex with everybody and everything, drink until they vomit and do drugs
– ”Yolo” as they say all the time, yes, but if you only live once, then you shouldn’t waste it. Don’t ruin it with a lot of shit that you will regret when you get old.

What’s your opinion concerning the western ideal of men?

– It doesn’t have to stop there, with thick cheekbones and big and strong men. I think it’s manly to wear makeup. It’s manlier to dare doing something that others don’t than lifting weights on the gym. I would like to see hunks from the gym wearing a dress and makeup and stand up for it. Challenge me!

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  1. This is why i love YOHIO he is such a good role model and he stands for what he believes in.

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