“I haven’t told the kids anything, they understand.” (translated interview with YOHIO )

This is an “old” interview (from before the song contest), but I though it might be interesting for foreign fans. Watch the interview at SVTplay.

(Observe that this interview is translated by me according to my way of interpreting it.)



I think it’s so fun that we have got so many young fans; they are all between 5 year old to 12 year old and sometimes even over 40. There’s some kind of gap between the ages somehow.

There’s a lot of children that likes me and I think it’s great being able to influence them in a good way while they still are young so their prejudices will be gone when they reach my age. They will not have the same values as my generation, rather better values, and they will be better people than people in my age.

So the fact that I have a lot of young fans is something I consider to be very positive.

Why do you think that especially young people find you so appealing?

I think it’s because it’s so clear… it’s obvious what I do and who I am. It shows directly. I don’t even need to explain; the kids understand anyway.

I’ve read blogs where mothers’ tells about their children who says: “I‘m as YOHIO, I can dress however I want.” They are five years old. I haven’t told them to think that way, they understand that if you are like me, then you can do whatever you want, you can look however you want.

The fact that this message reaches so young children without even having to explain it for them, that proves that you do something very distinctly and clear: This is how it is.

That’s what I’m fighting for at the moment, that it should not be any problem to be what you want to be. It’s not only about guys who want to use makeup, it’s about everybody. Like, if someone want to wear yellow trousers and red shoes… OK, then wear that! Nobody should say something, not even comment it (negatively). That’s the exact message that I want to mediate.

It’s probably based on the fact that it wasn’t accepted when I was younger (to be different). I think it should be commonly accepted to be just like you want to be, as simple as that. There’s a lot of other young people who have had a much tougher childhood than me, that have been victims of brutal physical violence ‘cause they did what they wanted to do and looked the way the wanted to. I don’t think that’s OK, as simple as that. So I want to make people understand that they shouldn’t get stuck into things just like that (holding on to prejudices).

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