YOHIO in Sydsvenskan (translated interview)

See the film at Sydsvenskan.

(Observe that this text is translated by me according to my way of interpreting the interview.)

Marcus Jonsson. YOHIO and Fredrik Holmlund

Marcus Jonsson. YOHIO and Fredrik Holmlund

The interview translated into English:

Interviewer: You became the favorite of the Swedish people, the favorite among the viewers. How does that feel?

Yohio: That feels very good, incredible nice.

Fredrik Holmlund: As I said…

Marcus Jonsson: We are winners of Sweden!

Fredrik Holmlund: …we love Sweden and Sweden loves us.

[Yohio just smiles]

Fredrik Holmlund: That’s how it should be.

Interviewer: What do you think about the winner?

Yohio: He’s very good.

Fredrik Holmlund: Yes.

Yohio: He really deserves it.

Fredrik Holmlund: Robin is a cuddly piggy (don’t know how to translate “gosegris”).

Yohio: … cuddly piggy … ? *laughs*

Marcus Jonsson: I get goose bumps when you set that note, really. (directed to Robin) So amazing!

Interviewer: How will you celebrate this, what will you do tonight?

Yohio: Um… well, we will go in here, simply. That’s all.

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